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September 2018

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Mala Monday with the one who constantly saves me at work - because I’m not the smartest kid and a very spoilt child, even though I spent half my time saying that he’s rude etc. But it’s all fine at the end of the day if he does part of my work - because girl here has no time to deal with XX anymore. Yayyyyy see you in a month.

It’s 17 September 2018 tomorrow.The day where some massive changes are happening in my life. The day where I’m supposed to “welcome” many (alone) battles. The day where everything that happened for the past 1 month will die and fade. I haven’t quite explained what happened last Wednesday, just maybe to some. Think politics etc then you’ll get the drift. Oh well - life still moves on right? It will all feel better tomorrow.

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W and I designated this weekend to be “work free” because we’ve been spending the past two weeks working hard on this proposal, sometimes even staying past midnight just to amend it. Not because we are inefficient, but of reasons that shall not be discussed further. But guess what? Some v nice individual called W up (during his self-designated nap time) to discuss about the proposal and one thing leads to another - so there goes our “work free” weekend🙃Hallelujah.

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Somebody give this guy award please!! He was adamant about me visiting the other office and I was reluctant because there are cats there. Never has anyone told me that they would “chase” the cats away - most people leave me to fend for myself 😭Also telling me that I’ll pass my retake and that my presence will be missed (even though we barely see other when we are working because we are in different offices) makes me wanna cry too for having so much faith in me when I barely know him 😭

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