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May 2018

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Managed to plan yet another surprise this year and it’s a success!! Lucky for me because my friend studies overseas so it was all easy peasy! This is actually a second overseas surprise this year - but the first one isn’t worth mentioning so skip! Side Note: Still stuck in a very confusing situation and trying to mentally prepare myself for the email and dinner next month - I’ve never gotten so uptight about meeting someone for dinner btw. I’m so weirded out by my own emotions. Sigh.

Probably just me but I’m only hanging out with people who doesn’t ask me anything related about my exams. I’m still affected by my performance, despite me always telling others “Oh worry now also no use, might as well just enjoy.” But to be fair, my performance during that week has affected me, and I’m constantly worrying over it, till the point where I feel that I don’t deserve to enjoy my break now. 😔

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330am: FML. This has gotta be the worst cramps ever. I’ve been kept awake for at least an hour, and I doubt I can fall back to sleep any moment because of my cramps. Sometimes I question why I was born a girl. Ugh FML😭


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