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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

April 2018

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I appreciate car rides these days - when I finally get to unwind and talk about everything. And I appreciate these people that I’ve crossed paths with, that go all the way out just to make sure that I get home safely, even if it means to make a detour. And receiving unexpected messages to tell me to hang in there. It’s all these little things that happened that makes me want to live life better.

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Can’t exactly say these are my favourite flowers, but got this for my mama. And to see her happy, makes me very happy too. I’ll probably be happier if I bought sunflowers but decided against it because it’s time for a change!

A whole load of mess.A whole load of stress.Not entirely sure if I’m able to do this, but I guess I’ll have to pull through no matter what. 😔

Unlike EA, I’m not a one-stop shop where you can easily pop in, expects for an answer and then not reply to whatever that I’ve just suggested, disappear for a few days/weeks because I no longer matter, and repeats the cycle thereafter just because I’m of someone convenience and not a necessity in your life.It sucks, the feeling of that sucks just so you know.

“You feel too much and too hard at times. I wish you were kinder to yourself.”Just this morning, I was glad that I took initiative 2 mths ago by requesting something out of the norm in relation to my future career. Fast forward, I spent this entire week trying my best to help in the midst of preparing for my exams, all in the name of “learning”.It’s been tough the past 2 months. As much as I am slightly disappointed esp when I witness the growth of it, I trust there are greater things ahead.

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I don’t mean to be in a very angsty mode but I wish I had the ability to scream at some people in public just so they can learn their lessons. A good example would be people using phones and walking at snail speed, thus blocking every single possible way I.e standing in the middle of the gap between the train and the platform and not wanting to move just because she hasn’t finish typing her message yet. I don’t understand eh. I really don’t. Like hello What are you waiting for?

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