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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

January 2018

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This was me literally when I finally got the chance to sit in a meeting with the said individual that I’ve always looked up to😭 and witness the shocking look where he goes “Eh, you are here?!”PSA: HE REMEMBERS. We are off to a great start, aren’t we?! ☺️

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So excited for the upcoming days. Despite it being a short period more before training officially ends, good news is on a constant roll now. Especially the chance to learn from someone whom I’ve looked up to since my first internship...I really can’t wait😭

So commonly judged by the numerical values of the little squares posted online, the numbers reflected on the slips that may or may not dictate your life, depending on whether you follow the conventional way. Many times, I get too concern over the things I post that I removed it the next second once it has been uploaded. And sometimes I feel bad for myself because I couldn’t actually lead the life I want. But today, a quiet ride on the train made me think - I am me and that’s what makes me, me.

I’m upset Upset at how my body isn’t adapting well to the sudden dip of temperature and this has resulted in v low self-confidence than what I had previouslyUpset at how my body’s condition has limit me to only being able to carry out certain tasks without being reminded of my body’s conditionUpset that I’ve let the physical state of said condition overtake my mental state, and therefore fail to perform as per own expectationsUpset that I’m only allowed to suffer in silence.☹️

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Mad happy to be able to watch him perform live!!!!😭

Physically tired and emotionally wrecked - I need a good dinner, that’s all. And a beer after work.

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