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March 2019

Just ended my first night drive aka second drive after 2 years and Z got me to go on to the expressway 😵. Sometimes I really wonder how he managed to trust me so much on this. I feel like he trusts me more than I trust myself 😂.At one point, I was at 60km/hr on a non-expressway road with no cars and I felt fast lol. The irony is 70/80 used to be normal for me. I used to be a little bit more aggressive and I wonder how I managed last time.

February 2019

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是木乃伊吗?Idk if I’m mummifying the gown or sending it for dry cleaning 🤣🤣🤣Next weekend, we are doomed for sure with all the packing 😵

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Totally brain-fried after internal audit today. 魂都没有了 😵I am ready to hibernate for the night.

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After 2 years & 2 months, yesterday I’m finally braces free YAYYYY! 😁 I can’t stop smiling widely to Z and proclaimed to him proudly that I have straighter teeth than him now HAHAHA.

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