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Questions to ask your PGs

So I have managed to booked my AD PG after much procrastination. I’m actually pretty behind time for all the wedding planning!

Would like to document my search of PG here.

I am always and have always been very particular with pictures/photos. So way before we start our wedding planning, I told N that I prefer to ala-carte our PG/VG. Hence our package from my bridal studio is only AD gowns , suit and flowers.

So in March I decided to sent an email to all my shortlisted PG to request for their ratecards for AD and PWS. I think I emailed to about 25 PGs. So from there I made up an excel sheet to compare the prices. I don’t even know why am I so hardworking hahaha!

Subsequently, I made N sit down with me and go through the PGs portfolios to eliminate those he doesn’t like. (I should have did this first! 🤦🏼‍♀️) Then I show him the excel sheet with ratecards and did a second elimination. We took about a week or so to come down to the final shortlist as we were busy with work.

After that I emailed to meet up with the PGs. Because I believe in interacting with them to see if we have the same chemistry/frequency.

My own personal thoughts - I always felt that if I want something, I’ll prefer to meet up with vendors or view their portfolio on hand. This allows the both of us to visualize and see if it’s something we both want. Hence we spend a lot of time meeting up with vendors.

I actually emailed 4 PGs to arrange a meetup and after our meeting with the first PG, I learnt that it’s good to be prepared before the meeting. We were there totally clueless on what to do but thankfully the PG is very engaging. So, subsequently I consolidated a list of qns I would like to ask the remaining PGs.

Things to ask PG:

1) Availability on your day
2) Have PG shot at your venue before?
3) Is there any assistant for AD / PWS.
4) View recent wedding pictures other than those online
5) What is their photography style (posey? Candid?)
6) Working style (some would try to give instructions on what to do)
7) Customization of package
8) Flexibility for changes in packages (eg. You took a 10hours package but use only 8hours)
9) Travel fee
10) Album and canvas pricing

11) How long to receive back all images
12) How much deposit
13) If PG is unable to make it on that day, what is the back up plan?
14) Are you able to request for specific shots?
15) How long can we hold the deposit for? (Eg. If you change your mind 6months before the AD you can get back your deposit)
16) Discounts (Eg. Taking up both PWS and AD)

Always make sure you are comfortable with the PG/VG before committing. Because to me, it’s very important to be in the same frequency as your vendors.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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b2gfxx (avatar)

b2gfxx This is useful! So which photographer u chose eventually? Haha

1 year ago

beurre (avatar)

beurre Wow! 25 PGs?! You really damn hardworking haha. I think I'm quite lucky that my PG told me everything you listed down by himself. I wouldn't have thought of those questions on my own

1 year ago

wtengx (avatar)

wtengx @b2gfxx thank you! Hope to help btb too. I went with Samuel from pixioo in the end!☺️

@beurre Haha! At the start was only 15 but subsequently I just mindlessly kept sending email enquires 🙈 lucky you! The list of qn is consolidated by those 4PGs we met.

1 year ago

thesonder (avatar)

thesonder This is so useful! Thank you for sharing.

1 year ago

wtengx (avatar)

wtengx @thesonder you’re welcome! Hope to help other btbs too ☺️

1 year ago

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