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Mother’s Day / 提亲 Discussion

I arranged the meet the parents session today. Without realizing it’s Mother’s Day πŸ˜…So I decided to cook for both parents. Since everywhere is going to be packed and meeting at the comfort of our own house will be better too.

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Annoyed! Boyf’s mum keep rushing us to arrange a meetup with my parents to 提亲. πŸ˜’πŸ™„No point meeting up when you dunno anything right? Then meet le everything say dunno or anything. Must as well do research properly first. Ask them to do research also don’t want to do, give me the list of names they want to invite, say unable to. I gave you at least 6 MONTHS TO THINK and gave you a month to write down lei! Keep saying got not a lot ppl to invite.. end up more than my parents πŸ˜’

April 2018

Currently in a huge state of dilemma 😭😩😫 Appreciate if #dayrebrides #dayrebride could give me some tips/advices!I’m currently searching for my PWS and AD photographer. Shortlisted: Pixioo and 520(five twenty)Both have their flair in photography, which is why it is causing me a huge headache on which one to choose. Who should I choose?Any feedbacks on them?

February 2018

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Goodbye dayre?

Saddest news for the day - Dayre will be closing down.It’s pretty sad to see a wonderful app which brings ppl together leaving. This community gave me so much help. I have always been a silent reader and do not really update but I gain and learn a lot from the dayre community.It really takes a lot of money to sustain an app. And I guess they have not been doing well ever since bossming and Tim left 😞

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So happy that maki-San has open in Northpoint City. It is my go to dinner if I need to eat alone 😍

January 2018

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Bought 2 rompers on impulse. Shitballz I hope it’ll fit me well πŸ˜‚Suddenly I’m on shopping spree. Haven’t been buying clothes for myself for awhile since the house came πŸ€” so I guess this a great reason. Hahaha!

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