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August 2018

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Advices needed 😣

Hi ladies! #dayrebridesNeed some advice here.Background story:We were recommended by another BTB for VG. This company is relatively new and do not have much portfolios yet. We arrange for a meetup with the company. So they have a guy who is the incharge/coordinator, doing most of the liaising and sales talk and we also met the VG. The VG seems a little quite on that day but from our conversations that day, I find he has ideas on how he want to videograph.

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help on wedding cars.

Hi #dayrebrides Would need your help as I have a hard time deciding if I should get....

May 2018

Recommendations of VG?

Hi #dayrebrides #dayrebrideDo anyone have recommendations for VGs?My budget is 1.5k for the entire day (morning gatecrash to dinner banquet)This researching thing is driving me nuts LOL.

Been thinking of updating My engagementMy house reno processMy houseMy ROMBut not sure where to begin LOL 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️Woes of a procrastinator... hahaha

Questions to ask your PGs

So I have managed to booked my AD PG after much procrastination. I’m actually pretty behind time for all the wedding planning!Would like to document my search of PG here.#dayrebrides

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Productive weekend / VG for dinner banquet?

I’m so glad that we had a productive weekend! Both of us are huge procrastinators so it takes a lot of effort to get our asses moving.We managed to clean the entire house on Saturday. Partly is because both parent are coming over on Sunday. Hahaha.Note to self: I have not update on my house as I thought dayre is closing down.Managed to settle our PWS and AD PG! Next up will be finding AD VG!

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