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I live for breads and veggies 88409

May 2019

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same old food and some new snacks

1 week+ of sickness, having no appetite and I'm glad to say that I'm finally recovering.I need to eat my spicy food!!But until i fully recover, is still back to steamed or boiled food

Another round of doctor, another round of medication and anti biotics 😔

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food for the sick me

Day 5 of being sick and I'm about to finish my course of antibiotics. This fever is getting on my nerves. It keeps going off and coming back. One moment it's 37.7 and after taking panadol, it drops to normal. After a few hours, when i take my temp again, it went below normal temp of 35.5Then after which, when i take it again hours later, it goes back up to 37.8 😑 are you kidding me?

Feeling terrible

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recent eats ft my favourite fruits!

Been munching on these mini pretzels 🥨 everydayJust plain pretzels with some salt!

April 2019

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how do you like your eggs 🥚? // crown bakery // micro bakery & kitchen

Recently been eating at least 2 eggs per week because mum says i have to 😅 also cause I've been abstaining from eggs for a pretty long time (maybe about 2 years?)But i have a certain preference on how i like my eggs to be. I like my egg whites hard like hard boiled egg but my yolks to be a lil molten or cooked (but not hard boiled egg that kinda cooked) you get what i mean LOL

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