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August 2019

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Err hello?? πŸ€—

Hi guys!!!Anyone missed me??? πŸ€— I randomly opened this app ytd and started reading a few posts on my feed and realized...

June 2019

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Yahoooooo I haven’t been on Dayre in ages.... posted my last post becos I was having a really difficult day 😞 don’t wanna talk abt it but haix I just want Friday to pass.......... and hopefully everything will be okay.......... 😞😞😞Anyway ya I kinda miss being on Dayre where I can get gossip/ info on the best deals in town πŸ˜‚ but a part of me is also super lazy to blog so..... 🀷🏻‍♀️It’s easier for me to do IG story! I’m super active on IG story so catch me there if you miss me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

Having a really difficult day today...... I’m feeling super down. Want to cry but I can’t cos I’m at work 😞

May 2019

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Hi guys! Haven’t updated this space in forever.... I thought the previous entry was gonna be my last ever entry on this platform but I guess they’re not implementing Dayre 2.0 just yet.... so I can still update πŸ˜‚I haven’t accessed this app in a long time though so idk what’s the latest update abt Dayre 2.0 but anyway just lemme post some pics here cos I wanna clear my phone!!!!!

April 2019

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Putting this out here becos CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIGURE OUT how the f I shld wear this skirt.........Otherwise if someone wanna buy this piece off me, I’m fine with it as well.It’s really not the first time I’m buying from TJM and I’m clueless abt how I shld wear the outfit (??? Come on trying on clothes shouldn’t be rocket science) and idk why the owner looks so chio in everything but when I get the clothes, the quality is ?????I just feel like I got scammed?

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Updates πŸ€—

Hi guys πŸ‘‹πŸΌHaven’t updated this space in a long time!! The inertia to blog is real hahaha but I will get down to it today! (Sorry my Malta and Canada trip updates will have to wait πŸ˜…)

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