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March 2019

Omg 1wk to my trip and my itinerary is NOT done. Not even halfway done...I’m heading to:1️⃣ Vancouver with day trips to Squamish and Grouse mountain 2️⃣ Victoria 3️⃣ Seattle4️⃣ LA5️⃣ Palm Springs, JTNP6️⃣ Las VegasCurrently at Seattle’s bit now...If you have any recommendations for the places above, be it food/ sights/ pop ups/ ANYTHING, plz HMU!!!!! Thanks thanks!!!!!!

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My day is made ☺️

Omg so just now I saw this patient for scaling and noticed she had some decay, so I did a filling in the same session too.Everything was good and she left. Told her I’ll see her in 6months again for a routine check and clean ☺️30min later, she called my clinic and told my recep that she wanna thank the dentist who treated her again and she really likes me becos I’m super gentle???😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Updates// Wedding hashtag?

Wtf it’s 8.22am and I’m still along the Upper Thomson stretch.... HAVEN’T EVEN HIT MACRITCHIE omg 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I took the 8.04am bus. Luckily I’ve no patient booked in at 9am if not I confirm stressing out now 😂But no srsly, is the traffic usually worse on Mondays? The bus was crazy packed today too and I couldn’t even get a seat on the upper deck?! 😕😕😕Anyway time for updates!!!!!!

Wordy update abt work 😂

Hey guys!So it’s been a week at my new workplace and I just wanna update abt it 😀So far everything has been great! I guess I settled in pretty fast? 😂 pro is like that la 💁🏻‍♀️ #hairflick

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Updates!// Gown try out// Flying our drone!

Hi guys!!!!! Time for my massive update!!!!!Sorry I MIA for the longest time ever. So busy that I didn’t even open this app - lol I’m so not up to date with everyone’s updates 😂Anw!!!!!!! Yes I’ve started at my new workplace but one update by one update first hehe. Are y’all ready for the photos (food pics) spam??? 😛

February 2019

Hi guys! Just wanna update now cos my mind is BURSTING with thoughts....Sorry gonna hold off my Morocco and Malta updates for a while cos I’ve been so so busy since I got back 😞Anyway basically it’s my last few days in my current clinic. I’m clearing my patients, trying to finish all their treatments before I leave. Also for those I can’t complete, I’m trying to write down notes so I can hand over nicely to the next person 😀

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