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August 2019

Would you dance if I ask you to Dance. Yes I will Or would you run and never look back? Run with me. Would you cry if you saw me crying? No I’ll kiss it all away. And Would you save my soul tonight? And save mine too. Would you tremble if I touched your lips? Yes.Or would you laugh? I’ll giggleNow would you die for the one you love? I was killed twice Oh hold me in your arms tonight. Hug me tight please.I can be your hero baby. where have you been?!

January 2019

Grief never leaves. 3 years on. I find it hard to be happy on my birthday when it was the last time I said goodbye to my dad.

I was kinda hopeful when I sent in an application for the SBF. Until yesterday. Where I couldn’t even get a queue number. That kind of sucks. Many people failed and all. But it still sucks not having enough luck for achieving even a queue number. I am quite sure there will be no baby anymore since it’s gonna be a Long time till we get to move in together. And with my age, definitely a big factor.

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