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Rambling on woes of lyf and my 难人

January 2019

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GOODA MORNING AH.The morning has barely started but by 8am I have:scrubbed the toilet floor (Toto keeps pooping and I’m not entirely convinced it’s because “she’s eating more” as per my MIL + husband wtf)Defrosted a fish for my MIL’s lunch + kapoked a portion of it to cook Toto’s lunch lol (bone broth + baby pasta + egg + fish!)MOPPED THE FLOOR AHHAHA which siao lang mops the floor at 5:30am in the morning? Waited till my MIL woke then mopped her room cause don’t wanna scare her.

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OHAIYO!! What a pleasant morning view 🙃(Then again it was a very unpleasant way to wake up also cause she KICKED me wahlao eh the indignities one put up with as a mother. Sniffles dramatically.)

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Bah. Monday. (Photo courtesy of a sulky bubba - mainly my fault though cause I COMPLETELY forgot my sleeping child was still snoozing on the bed and I made this Great Leap Forward to lie on my bed. I swear she bounced like 3cm in the air before crawling over to the pillow to throw me huffy looks.).

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