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December 2018

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Selling some beauty products that have been sitting inside my cupboard but under ulitilize. Price slightly nego for fast deal. Top up for postage ya? :) #dayrebeauty #dayrebrides #dayrebrideTelegram me at winniewee.

Mummy, how are you? I miss you so so much. I’m wondering, how will my life be like if you are still around. I’m sure you will be playing with Giselle everyday, pampering her and doting her like she’s the queen. I am wondering, did you “visit” Giselle before? Because sometimes randomly she will say “popo” and when I show her our family photo, she will point at you and say “popo” I did show her your photo before and told her, “this is popo you know”.

November 2018

Date someone who actually pursues you, who gets excited by the thought of you. Date someone who spends an extra thought on the details of your date nights. Date someone who actually plans date nights.Be with someone who is certain of you, who knows they want you despite whatever is going on their personal life.

Depression, a word that I didn't expect myself to get associate with.Till today, I am still doubting if this is the life that I want. Finding little things to be contented for everyday, it's only the same one thing - Giselle is around me.Those who don't know might always think that I am just seeking attention, and always complaining about life. But you are not me, and you don't know my story.

February 2018

What am I fighting for

January 2018

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