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April 2019

February 2019

Standing unassisted

Today is a noteworthy day, because baby is finally starting to show desire in standing unassisted! 2 more days to 13 months old.Previously, he did not seem to want to progress at all, being happy with just crawling around or standing/moving with support.


Baby has been resisting his 2nd nap recently. Zzz.

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Pigeon wet wipes 99% vs 100% pure water

Just wondering... Is there any substantial difference between the 99% water and 100% water Pigeon wet wipes? 🤔#dayremums #dayremummies

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Baby woke me up from my sleep this morning, as usual.But I was so much more tired than normal, so I carried him out from his bumper bed, and placed him on my mattress (instead of bringing him out of the room to prepare his milk).

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