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September 2018

I don’t know how I should describe this.What kind of choice am I making now? To be precise, what kind of choice am I unknowingly making?Am I the one who pushes things away? Or is it really just me who just can’t let it go.

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Survived first week of work. :)It’s manageable & am coping well physically. But emotionally... I miss my daughter. She misses me too. She teared when she told her teacher that Mama is at work & can’t send her or pick her up from school anymore.My heart breaks.

I am poisoned deep deep... by YXGL😂🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤦🏻‍♀️😂

August 2018

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Kinda lazy to square the pix but happy to see this rearranged mini library! 😍I rearranged it based on the types of books.Chinese books are mainly on the left red shelf.I placed Science books & Natgeo Kids in one.Basically, she has English & Mandarin story books & magazines, Science books & magazines... lots of sticker books.Yes I collect them and that’s where our money is. Haha. But the girl loves reading so.... :) She reads at least 10 books a day and will re-read them again.

July 2018

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@shopaholicdeb @mintyvintage

June 2018

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I still can’t get it!!! Argh

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