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July 2018

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@shopaholicdeb @mintyvintage

June 2018

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I still can’t get it!!! Argh

April 2018

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Very slow here... Is Dayre here for good?

March 2018

Oh yay, Dayre is still here!I haven't gotten use to Wordpress and unfortunately, didn't like it as much as this space so I hope this will be a permanent stay? Can anyone advice me please?Freaking tired because Gis is down with fever, again. Sigh sigh.

February 2018

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I got a shock seeing the number of emails and it is still increasing till now.It's all Wordpress email updates from a friend's export 😰 But I only followed her after she did her export leh. This is scaring me. I hope I won't receive individual's Wordpress's export updates. 😰😅😂

I've migrate too! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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