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For 6 months, I've been travelling on the highway. I didn't know when the road would end but I intended to continue going for as long as I couldn't see its end on the horizon.

As I travelled, some time along the way, I became fearful that the end might come before I expected it - how would I find a U-turn back when it did end?

Eventually I came to a conclusion that the road was probably much longer than I assumed it was, so I continued travelling, tho slightly cautiously.

But I ended up getting tired of the journey. Not bcos I was tired of the road I travelled, but bcos of the anxiety associated with travelling on it.

So I decided that I was going to take the nearest exit... Exit 10.

But as I was travelling there, I noticed another car heading for that exit. And I realised that maybe that wasn't the new route I should venture into. So I continued travelling along the highway.

Eventually I saw a sign saying that Exit 4 was up ahead, so I kept my eyes peeled on the road.

Finally, I saw it in the distance.

A faint glimmer of hope, change and promise.

But there was some reluctance on my part, to leave the highway.

And as I drive closer to Exit 4, eventually I'd make the decision, on whether to take that exit or continue on the uncertain journey on Highway J

This is the current state of my love life

If you get it, you get it.


Actually I doubt anyone will get it so it's more for my enjoyment 😂

Day 13

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019

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