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If I do eventually get married, I hope I choose to marry someone I love, and someone who loves me just as much. And I hope that regardless of the crap that life throws our way, that we'd always, always choose each other.

Time for a bit of a life update since I have some time to kill!!

Met ZJ yesterday for dinner! It's been so long sia!! Glad to know that she's doing well and has moved on with life xD

Getting to experience life in NY for a year is a truly amazing experience ah, she's really fortunate that she had the resources to do so!

It's interesting to hear her talk abt how living in US changed her (I wasn't surprised tbh but it was just a funny confirmation of my assumptions haha)

Bcos YR said that my top & Anna's bottoms should form a set hehe

Pls excuse the awkward hand HAHA idk why physically Anna and I are a bit awkz around each other (cos we're actually quite close irl but lolol it is what it is 😂)

Gonna meet my old D-grp to sing K later!!

Looking forward to it cos it's been a hot minute since I last sang K??

Like I think abt half a yr ago? The last time I sang was in Korea haha

Hope I don't lose my voice lol.

Anw I'm meeting Ivan tmr so hello my NUS friends maybe I'll bump into u tmr 🤣

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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