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Random musings of a small town girl 😊

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THIS.If I do eventually get married, I hope I choose to marry someone I love, and someone who loves me just as much. And I hope that regardless of the crap that life throws our way, that we'd always, always choose each other.

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Seems like every day I have to commit some kinda blunder πŸ˜‚On Mon I overshot my train station and was hence late to meet my friend (sorry Ee Ming, thank u for being so graceful abt it :')On Tue, I thought I was going for Finance class but it turned out to be Current TopicsJOKEToday, I left my freaking wallet at home... And I was at the main road bus stop. So I had to walk like at least another 10min back?? Sad...I wonder what blunder I'd commit tmr πŸ˜‚

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Yesterday we welcomed the JC girls into the Uni Ministry ✨They seem really nice, hope that I'll get to know them better!!

For 6 months, I've been travelling on the highway. I didn't know when the road would end but I intended to continue going for as long as I couldn't see its end on the horizon.As I travelled, some time along the way, I became fearful that the end might come before I expected it - how would I find a U-turn back when it did end?Eventually I came to a conclusion that the road was probably much longer than I assumed it was, so I continued travelling, tho slightly cautiously.

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