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Josh got me this abt 3 years ago when he went to Vietnam ahaha

Gonna bring it with me to JB!!

This prob won't come as a surprise but

We started talking again LOL

I gotta admit that I feel quite melodramatic sometimes 😂

But tbh it kinda feels diff now. Like a part of me has died. I'm kinda just replying not exactly for the sake of replying but more like out of habit

The eagerness of talking to him has kinda dissipated haha. But lol today for some reason he has been very responsive.

Like the past few days he'd reply me twice a day, but today I think he's replied me 5 times liao?? Which is a lot considering that he's overseas and honestly isn't the least bit obligated to reply me promptly

And so far he hasn't posted on Insta today, but he did send me one pic haha. Low-key a bit happy not gonna lie. But.

Yes, there's always a but. Idk lah.

Let's not think too much for now. I'll wait until something else happens 🤷🏻‍♀️

Bought this for abt $41 Sephora last week cos it was on discount

Was partially swayed by the pretty burgundy velvet pouch that I felt looked really boujee irl (Lol me and my love for soft pretty pouches)

Tried one of the shades and honestly I super regret this purchase??

I have like nothing good to say abt this nail polish...

It's like watery, streaky and never fully dries down completely for some reason...

Like on the surface it dries pretty quickly lah, I'll give it that

But like if u press too hard on the nail bed it will like freaking move!! Even 6h after application wtheck 😂

Sigh. Bad life choices, but lesson learnt - no more Butter London nail polish please 🤷🏻‍♀️

Day 7

Monday, 7 Jan 2019

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