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LB Review

After not buying for 2.5 weeks, ended up buying 5 LB pieces since last week 😅 and I am buying the 6th piece later lol.

And buying them all with no specific intention to wear for cny 😂


Review coming up!

Ryana Printed Layered Maxi Dress

I had reviewed the navy one previously so after the styling session on sat, I went to try on the cream one as well.

Wearing the same size XS as the navy.
Concluded that cream is nicer in photo as compared to real life 😅

Comparison of navy vs cream.

Navy is definitely more slimming.
Sab saw and agree that Navy looks better irl as compared to cream.

Another one more close up.
Hence I decided to cart the navy one which is already oos in store.

Limited pieces left online and i think store left the cream one!

Nicolla Contrast Jacquard Midi Dress

After seeing Rachel looking so good in the dress, I just had to try this dress too!

Wearing xs and fits me well at ptp and waist! Zero allowance though. But the hips are wayyy too loose on me 😕 so sad! I love the dress because it gives the illusion of smaller waist. But sigh! I dont wanna spend money altering the hips. The dress is lined. Not stretchy. Middle part is jacquard. The sides are cotton polyester. Comes with back zip.

Erena Polka Dot Midi Dress

Took this dress to try as well. Wearing XS here and had difficulty zipping up! After zipping up, it was super snug at both ptp and waist lol. But hips fits me perfectly though!

Dress is lined and material is super smooth! Almost like silk. But personally I am not a fan of the sleeves! Would prefer it sleeveless.

I tried to scrunch up the sleeves and look so much better!! But still prefer sleeveless 😝 its such a classy dress tho!

Livette Off Shoulder Midi Dress

Wearing size XS for the dress and it fits me well at ptp and waist. No allowance. Not stretchy. Dress is lined. Material very smooth too. Very lightweight. Good for date night and dinner!

Shysi Toga Midi Dress

This is the dress version of the toga top shown during the styling workshop.

Tried xs here and it fits me well at ptp and waist but the hips super loose on me. Dress is not lined. Think comes with side zip. Not very flattering on me somehow.

The maroon piece looks nicer on the website but it is more dull irl?

But probably maroon is a better colour heheh

Cora Printed Skater Dress

Also tried this popular dress that is showcased at the stylish session!

Wearing XS and fits me well at ptp and waist. Dress is lined. Kinda stretchy because the material is like neoprene? Comes with back zip and back buttons.

Length still acceptable but i have no idea why it looks weird on me? Maybe because the sleeves are too long. Luckily I didn’t cart this first. Prints are so pretty though!

Nika Textured Halter Dress

Owned the top version which I wore to the styling event and here is the dress version!

Wearing xs and it fits me well with allowance at ptp. Dress is loose cut and flare. It is not fully lined. The lining is 3/4 length. No zip. Just button fastening at the back.

Comes with removable thin sash or rather tie sash. Very cute and classy dress imo! But I have no idea how to wear this out in sg lol. The top version is better imo!

Weirdly cannot find the red one online and in store like the preview

How the dress looks like without the sash. I didnt button up btw

Kres Textured Midi Dress

Another fury dress! This one is wrapped style. Dress is lined. No zip. There is a hole for the sash on one side to go through to the back and then tie in front. Dress is lined. I love this colour! Should have made the top in this col.

The dress also really nice imo! But then again no idea how to wear this in sg 😆 if only got winter holidays! I can imagine looking perfect with this dress and the snow. Of course need wear heat tech inside lol

Size XS fits me well btw. There is a snap button in front.

Jefra Embroidered Knot Midi Dress

This dress is very cny. Wearing xs and it fits me perfectly at ptp and waist. Hips fits me well too. Not too loose. Comes with back zip. Lined. Not stretchy. I think it makes a good workdress as well after cny. As can go for more formal look.

But skipping this as I feel i look mature in it heheh.. I would probably used to like this design 2 years back lol. Now want to look younger 😂

Etto Layered Maxi Dress

Finally got to try this dress! Size XS fits me well at ptp with slight allowance at the waist. Dress is lined. Comes with side zip. Straps not adjustable. Not stretchy. Length wise just nice for me. Good to be worn with flats! Quite nice imo! But i have no idea if this will colour run?

Upcoming Skater Dress

This is such a cute dress! Wearing XS and fits me with allowance at ptp. There is actually a gap at ptp. Waist fits me well. The dress is quite stretchy! The neckline is scallop design. Love the skater design and prints! But not a fan of the scallop neckline 😅 i think the material is neoprene like. Cant remember if lined or not. Maybe not hehe

Raphaela Layered Midi Dress

Tried size S here because too lazy to ask for XS lol. Size S fits me loosely everywhere. Dress comes with back zip. Yellow is really very cheerful and bright.

The ruffles on the shoulder is like jutting out 😂😅 somehow also feel doesnt suit me heheh!

Dewis Toga Top + Callan Printed Pencil Skirt

Tried the exact same combi that Sojin wore during the styling event!

The top is in size XS and weirdly it is too snug. Smaller at ptp than the dress version. The waist also snug. I didnt manage to try the size S though! The pleated ruffles are really flowy. Comes with side zip and I think it is lined.

The skirt also in size XS but loose at waist and hips! Skirt not lined. I think the skirt will look best if it is worn fitted! Like the way Sojin wears

This is how loose the hips are on me

Rexis Belt Sash Top

And here is the 6th item I got today at the store!

Wearing size XS and it fits me well at ptp! Comes with back zip and button fastening. I think the top is lined. Love the front design! And comes with removable kimono sash belt! Can wear it tuck out and tuck in!

Love all 3 colours! Material good too! Imo worth the $36.90 price tag. I am a pink person so i get pink for myself lol

Alexa Flare Hem Dress

And here is one of my favourite dresses this week! Other than aurora dress lol!

Finally they launch something in this prints in a design I fancy! I really love this prints but i didnt like the previous one sided sleeve and I dont fancy the one with ruffle sleeves either. This one is right up my alley!!

Wearing size XS and it fits me well at ptp! Not loose and just nice! Dress comes with back zip. Not lined. Material is structured textured polyester so not sheer at all.

Straps not adjustable. Prints placement not the same for all pieces

Here is the same in white also size XS.

Which one do you ladies prefer? Somehow after wearing I prefer the navy one better. So I decided to bag home the navy one! And I took this display piece home as the prints placement is better than the new piece.

Aurora Layered Ruffle Dress

The best for the last!

Presenting the most popular maxi that went oos online in most sizes within 15 mins!

Wearing size XS here and it fits me perfectly at ptp and waist. No allowance. Comes with back zip. Straps not adjustable. Dress is lined. Length is perfect with my 3 inch heels. Cannot wear flats hehe. Maxi not stretchy.

Both Deran and Aurora maxis side by side.

To be honest, both have different looks.

Deran is more glam and classy.
Aurora is more chic with casual vibe.
But both can be worn to formal events definitely.

Deran would look better worn with heels.
While aurora can wear both heels and flats.

So don’t ask me to choose one 😂
I will still get both no matter what lol.

Thats all for review! Phew!

I receive my LB parcel with Aurora and Ruxette inside!


Day 15

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

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sxllim (avatar)

sxllim Hi Nad, did u try the Eloda floral midi dress?

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco @sxllim ah no I didn’t! Heheh

1 month ago

oceanusnow (avatar)

oceanusnow @whitechoco hi babe, is the Etto layered maxi stocked in store this week? Didn’t see it when I was there on sat. Do you know if it is running fast in store? Thank you!

1 month ago

girly8 (avatar)

girly8 hi! may i check if u rmb the upcoming skater dress comes with pockets?:)

1 month ago

rainbowmuze (avatar)

rainbowmuze @whitechoco agree that the sleeves for the cora skater are too long! I’m XS too and it’s overwhelming on me. So it’s a pity. gotta do an exchange tmr :(

1 month ago

hellyhelen (avatar)

hellyhelen @whitechoco which is the 6th item you got? Always love to see your reviews! 👍🏻

1 month ago

linglingteo (avatar)

linglingteo Navy! Hehe

1 month ago

felicetsy (avatar)

felicetsy I’m torn between the navy or white for Alexa. And white in S is already oos

1 month ago

zeshuf (avatar)

zeshuf i am totally biased towards the white for Alexa! 😂 it was an immediate cart for me. but i must say im considering navy because you wore it so well. you look better in the navy one 😊

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco @oceanusnow hello! Etto is an old piece babe! But i just manage to try it on mon! I believe not much stocks left.

1 month ago

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