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LB x Funan Styling

Spent part of yesterday afternoon at LB CNY workshop and time for some reviews!

I have uploaded the IG stories on my IG. So you ladies can go over to my IG to take a look if you want to! I will be sharing them here too!


I got there just in time at 2pm. I think most people already arrived. Managed to go through the racks of clothes on display and then quickly went back to take a seat on the first row πŸ˜† thanks to Sab

First up, breaking news from @ms_rach !

LB is opening their 3rd store in the upcoming new Funan mall!! It will be opened sometime in May and it will be the biggest LB store with new experiences!! Can’t wait!!

It is the reason why the styling workshop was conducted at Funan Showsuite! Not at current LB store.

Showsuite is an event space at a standalone building.

They had 2 racks of both current and upcoming items on display for us to touch and feel.

No trying 😊

This rack all unlaunched items

The styling workshop was held differently from usual. It is presented in runway style with the models coming and walking their way around the area. Gotta give them credits for walking down the flight of stairs and still looking so good!

A total of 20 looks of current and upcoming pieces are presented. I only realise I didn’t took photos in the early part. Only videos lol. So I will try to SS the video πŸ˜†

Aurora Layered Ruffle Dress

First look on Amanda is this upcoming ruffles dress that is as seen on Rachel during the JEM store opening!

So so nice! It is gonna be another popular piece like Deran maxi! ☺️

Another swishy piece!! 😍😍😍

I just had to cart it out yesterday during the event. Carted size XS. Also priced at $79.90 same as Deran. Launching online and in-store coming week!

Close up of material same as Yulette dress.

I won’t be able to advise on the fit as no trying at event. But I would say based on measurements, seems can take usual size.

Ryana Printed Layered Maxi Dress

Second look presented by So Jin! Already launched online.

The cream one looks good on her ah!

There is a lot of ruffles this CNY at LB.

Erena Polka Dot Midi Dress

Olivia is wearing this dress which is already launched. The design is so classy. The polka dot is not white. It is actually a mixture of cream/pink

Material is like smooth silk satin like. Thin and lightweight version

The photo kinda bright but you can see the pink!

Issa Broderie Anglaise Midi Dress

The dress that had been launched and sold out!

This is the dusty rose version. I have reviewed the cream previously.

Dewis Toga Top (Upcoming) + Callan Printed Pencil Skirt

The toga top is upcoming. It has pleated ruffles on one side. Comes in vermillion and white colour.

The skirt is available already!

They look so good paired together

Syret Printed Maxi Dress

This dress worn on Nicole has been launched as well and I have reviewed it previously

Prints mixed with ruffled hem at the bottom. Easy and fuss free dress!

Fygan Tie-Front Printed Bustier Top + Juwenta Paperbag Waist Cropped Pants

Both top and pants are already launched. I think the outer shirt also from LB although I am not sure which one. Nice styling of wearing the shirt over the tube top if you don’t wish to bare your shoulders and yet still looking as stylish as seen on Olivia.

I reviewed the pants previously I think! And I just tried the top recently but it didn’t fit me well strangely. The top is cute because it has leopard prints with ribbon at the back!

Eloda Floral Midi Dress (Upcoming)

This dress is upcoming and it comes in 2 colours. The other one is navy based.

Lightweight swishy dress!

Maddox Printed Toga Top + Zeran High-Waisted Flare Trousers

This set is already launched and available.

The top is available in 2 colours and the same goes for the pants too!

Ruffle Dress (Upcoming)

Everyone should be familiar with this prints by now. Comes in 2 colours

Such a dainty and sweet dress!

Pomeranc Mandarin Collar Crop Top + Zeran High-Waisted Flare Trousers

Colourful top with a twist that is suitable for cny! Best paired with pants!

Both items are already available!

Cora Printed Skater Dress (Upcoming)

Amanda looks sooo good in this dress!

Nice back design which you can still wear with normal bra! I love the colours!

Nice hor.. gotta try this when it is in store!

Rexis Sash Top + Lordis Jacquard Skirt

Sojin looks so effortlessly gorg in everything 😍

Both items are upcoming! I think the top comes in dusty blue and white as well. Skirt only one colour!

Grenalyn Plaid Maxi Dress (Upcoming)

The material is good for this dress! If only we have autumn in sg and I can totally see how this dress looks good when worn

Upcoming only in one col!

Raphaela Midi Dress (Upcoming)

Another sweet looking dress. I snap the photo and video late for this πŸ˜…

Comes in white and yellow. Material is something new. Sonewhat like organza but soft type?

The white one! Gotta try this when it is avail in store

Upcoming Sash Dress

This dress good for cny and also for work imo!

Comes in this colour and another colour like teal

This is the teal! Same material like the yellow dress above but slightly diff prints

Ruxette Textured Maxi Dress (Upcoming)

It was love at first sight for this maxi dress too! 😍😍😍

Upcoming only in one colour! The front has sexy slit!! 😁😁 cant wait to receive mine!!

Deran Pleated Ribbon Tie Maxi Dress

The dress everyone is familiar with!

Nicole looking good in it!

Grissa Cape Sleeve Jumpsuit

This one is already launched too!

I never manage to try this though! Always have difficulty selecting which ones to try in store now

Trewis Ruffle Hem Bustier Jumpsuit

And the last outfit featured is this jumpsuit worn by Amanda! Raved by lots of girls. And i still got no chance to try. But somehow I find myself buying less jumpsuits now. Prefer midi and maxi dresses lol

This is almost sold out online!

After the event, went to check out the in-house prints designed by this lovely lady! So talented! There was quite some queue to get a piece of the hand painted card home

Me and Amanda caught on camera by Funan IG πŸ˜…

The hand painted card I got. Each piece is not the same!

And the goodie bag we got from the event

Carted these 2 out during the event! Can’t wait to receive!


We left the event earlier after having a drink and proceeded to the LB store and it was soooo crowded!!

135 people in Q lol!
Waiting time on average is 1 hour! πŸ˜…

Will review more try-ons in another post!

Day 13

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019

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saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar The Aurora and Deran so chio!! I hope they do backorders in the future.

1 month ago

girly8 (avatar)

girly8 the toga top! 😍 did u get the toga top?

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco @saltvinegar hehe! They no longer do BO! But possibly they may do restocks?

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco @girly8 hehe no babe i didnt!

1 month ago

lovebonitomy (avatar)

lovebonitomy ruxette textured maxi dress is nice but looks low deep v cut.

1 month ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar Omg restocks will be hard to get as well I imagine. Oh well. Thanks for the reviews!

1 month ago

fyeaheunice (avatar)

fyeaheunice Hey Nadia! Any idea which day and what time the new weekly collections will be launched online? :) Because i cant seem to catch the new collections in time 😭 thanks so much ☺️

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco @lovebonitomy gotta try and see how it is!

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco @fyeaheunice hi babe! We won’t know which day and what time as their launches are random! Just gotta keep checking the website now and then! πŸ™Šβ˜ΊοΈ

1 month ago

fyeaheunice (avatar)

fyeaheunice Ahh i see! Means we need to camp everyday to check the new arrivals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ haha thank u so much, love your lb reviews, i always look forward to seeing your updates :)

1 month ago

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