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June 2019

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the 2 lines that i’ve been waiting for 6 years

Finally i’m using the newly bought test pack and the result is an instant positive in just a few seconds. At least now i know how the positive line will come out. Last times i keep waiting for the second lines to come for quite a long time, sometimes squint my eyes. But it never did. Lol

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Breakfast prepared by husband. Actually he only fry the egg. How flat and sad my egg.. yesterday he forgot to put salt and pepper.The noodle was left over from last night. And in the glass is green bean water.

Just did my first “official” pregnancy utrasound

Praise God, no more bleeding since yesterday!!

Today i went to the doctor again. This time the ivf doctor who handle us from the very beginning. Previously i went to the gynae.And surprisingly the hcg is rising a little bit. Now 122 😅 And monday i can finally do ultrasound to see the sac maybe.

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True!I’ve been researching where to do our second attemp of ivf. I think i’m moving on too fast lolThis embaby inside my womb is still javent decides yet how’s his/her future haha.. Monday i will see the doctor, i will demand to get an ultrasound and secretly wish to miraculously hear a heart beat.. But for the worst case scenario i’m alrd prepared for my second attemp.

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