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June 2019

The only reason why I wanna travel during my birthday is that I need a reason to escape birthday celebrations. Just like how I wish I can skip Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve too

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9 more days to go. Only 5more full days I have to study. Can’t wait for the mugging to end. At the same time, quite scared to fail.

April 2019

So much has changed

I don’t know where I should share this. Maybe this is the most neutral place to do so.In 2015, I decided that I needed to close up myself from the crowd I had on Instagram to recover from all the drama I was involved in. I fear of upsetting my followers if I remove them from my follower list. Many of them were close friends from different parts of my life. So that day of Oct 2015, I abandoned my first account and created another.

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Braces will be gone in a day or two. What’s next 😆

Some days when I feel like fate is not on my side, I remind myself that it’s better being alone than in a relationship that wouldn’t work out. And maybe one day I will be convinced that being single is good enough for me.

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I think... I’m addicted to coffee.. hahah Recently I try to not drink during weekends but it will result In a migraine if I don’t drink for the day.. This morning I woke up with headache and it got cured after a cup of coffee 😹 (i.e I didn’t have coffee ytd)

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