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Happy weekend!

Woohoo it's a non working Saturday again! Slept till heart contented. Woke up almost 11am! Over breakfast time... so check out the fridge for quick and easy lunch/brunch idea! Decided to make budae Jjigae since I have most of the ingredients except baked beans... can do without it though.

Easily set up my army stew. I have ready packed army stew sauce from Korea, added homemade chicken stock and Korean chilli powder for extra heat. That's the soup base for my hotpot.

Arranged nicely and top with a slice of cheese and soup base, bring to boil and enjoy!

So yummy and made me miss Korea so much!!!

Dinner prep! Going to bake a big slab of cod fish for dinner! About 550g.

Trying out wokking mum's recipe! http://wokkingmum.blogspot.sg/2008/02/baked-cod-with-garlic-mayonnaise.html

Very simple and easy to make. Just prep the mayo garlic paste, spread it all over and sent into the oven to bake 15-20 mins.

Star dish of tonight's dinner! Baked cod fillet with garlic mayo!

So yummy! This recipe is a keeper!

We also had stirfry celery and zucchini with crispy roast pork.

Soup of the day was ABC soup.

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Saturday, 8 Jul 2017

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