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updated 11 months ago

Made 3 batches of granola last night!

Only one for myself the rest were to fulfill special request!

My princess is sick. Down with lots of health issue since beginning of the year... sad.

This week's condition isn't too good, not eating and can't sleep well. We really wish she can get well and be tamchiak again. With past 4 experiences of handling sick dogs, we know the symptoms of last stage of life pretty well but just wish that she can stay with us longer and past her 15th yo bd.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I made pumpkin purée pork porridge for her. Got to force feed her as she is really not eating. At least this will give her some nutrients. This is really effective way to feed dog who's not eating. Pump into the sypringe to feed. At least last night she ate a small bowl of this.

Just last month she was still looking good though already on medication.

Day 160

Friday, 9 Jun 2017

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MajorTom (avatar)

MajorTom Speedy recovery to your princess.

11 months ago

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