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Ok! Throwback post again cos I’ve got some time!

So this is the first year I’m celebrating CNY with @raymondnjy ! Including CNY eve. I think mama and I are trying to come to terms with it but I’m glad my Mei uds and tries to make CNY D1 fun for them both!

So on CNY eve, Raymond and I went down to Rayxinbox to do BSC inspection, and we went down to Eric’s place to help my MIL w reunion dinner dishes!

This is Nasi Kerabu! It has blue coloured rice (from blue pea flowers), supposedly it should go with raw tawgay, raw Long bean.. but cos a lot of the family members don’t enjoy raw vege taste, MIL boiled them!

There are also cucumber, onion (raw as well) MY FAV ! And also a special sauce made from 鱼露, lime... and.... and what ah.. and... oh chilli! (Cos I was helping with that keke).

Oh! And baked fish! And a very mafan coconut shavings! We gotto keep stir-frying the coconut shavings so that

it turns golden brown!!!! Super hard work cos the fire is Super small as well... but Lemon’s sis is very diligent in frying them!

So I also helped to remove the fish meat from the bones! I don’t like to eat fish but I don’t mind sitting down for abit after all the time spent in the kitchen 🤓

Anyway we gotto pack all these prepared food into separate containers and bring over to ah jiu’s place! It’s mixed together by individuals! So you can control what you want to eat and what you don’t want!

By the way, I love this dish! Shall learn it from my MIL (helped her prepare for the second time already), so I can cook and eat LOL

So CNY eve was spent preparing food, washing, and washing and walking up and down to help out. I never do this at my own home... but I understand that I’ve gotto help. I just wished that @raymondnjy could be a little more supportive and pretend to come into the kitchen to ask when I am washing some stuff tho ><

But then credits to him still, for sayang-ing me and thanking me throughout the day LOL! But rly Super tiring 😞

Oh ya! And chopped curry leaves! Yummyyyy!

Okay, continuing... so this was our reunion dinner! Ah jiu and jiumu cooked other dishes as well!

Look at the whole table of food! YUMMYYY

Hahahaha @raymondnjy 😂 sorry screen shot cos I can’t save my IG stories...

Anyway so after washing and clearing up, and a small bai nian session, we played the Singaporean Dream!! WOOHOO!

I got lucky and won 3 out of 3 rounds lol! This is the first time I enjoy a card game. Looks like I’m a true blue singaporean then? Hahahaha

I made Raymond and his sis hold hands for 3 rounds! And if they were to let go, I will get 10K from each of them. Not such a bad deal, so in the end they screwed up on the last round and I got my monehsssss LOL

On CNY eve I will usually be home w my Ma and Mei, cleaning the house and bathe, do a quick nap so I can 守夜 but I Guess this is all in the past... 😞 oh ya and watch tv and eat snacks w my sis! I love hahahaha

But anw so we (hubs and family) went home just before 12mn.. so we spent the First second of CNY in the car.. LOL!

Went back and omg I was so tired. Bathed and watched a little tv and went to bed. Too tired from the whole day of washing and cooking and etc.

Shall continue CNY D1 later or another day KEKE

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Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019

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