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Remember I was saying that my wood tiles color is abit different in my previous post? So I actually raised it to my ID! This was what we saw at Hafary, under natural sunlight! We chose the one on the far right #rayxinbox

And on the right is what we saw last Wed when we met our ID at his office. The Color seems a little off....

So I sent him a message asking if it’s the correct tile (but I know it’s the one cos I rmbr the grains)... and also asked if he knows why it looks a little off..

So he sent me multiple pictures. Firstly was to let me know that the tile is the correct one that we chose (pic above)

I thought that’s the end of it~ but nope! He went the extra mile and took photos of the tile under different light conditions! This was under his office light using cool white light~

Under natural lighting. And I was like eh wa this tile very versatile hor, change a lot different Color and now it’s white lololol

And then he placed them all tgd, and assured me that the Color is correct and the colors are Super nice~

I really appreciate that he went the extra mile to show me the tile under different light conditions! He doesn’t have to do that but he did 😊 Really pleased w his service till this point of time!

We also met my ID for electrical works at my home last Sunday. He brought his electrician along and the quotes was sent to us within that day!

Talk about efficiency. I like. đŸ‘ŒđŸ»


Day 29

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

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danslamour (avatar)

danslamour çœŸæ˜Żäž€é—šć­Šé—ź!!

1 month ago

wennnxin (avatar)

wennnxin @danslamour 真的 but at least he lmk properly jeke

1 month ago

wennnxin (avatar)

wennnxin Keke*

1 month ago

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