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I wanted to post some reno updates ytd cos I was home on sick leave. But decided against it cos of the passing of Aloysius Pang. I got onto social media and got hit by waves after waves of tribute and messages to him. :( And of course, lots of media coverage.


Okay, reno updates!!

As mentioned, we met our ID after work on Tuesday at his office. :) it’s the first time we went to his office (and it looks similar to his home LOL). Cement screed, patterned tiles ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #rayxinbox #dayrehomes

So we had our dinner (and @raymondnjy is so sweet to help me order gongcha while waiting for me at Paya Lebar ๐Ÿ’•) and we took a 20min walk down to ID’s office~

We met him and his assistant at his office! So we discussed every single detail in the house omg ๐Ÿคฏ totally not expecting this cos I thought it was just for us to choose our BR vinyl and laminates for carpentry...

We discussed on all the carpentry! Namely:

1) shoe cabinet (DB box area)
2) settee (opens from top) Gonna do a 55cm depth instead of the usual 45-50cm cos we are gonna install grilles and it will take up some space! Am worried that it won’t be comfortable sitting there ><)

3) TV console - extended from settee - how many drawers, dimension... blah blah~ and it’s supposed to be 40cm depth.. hope he noted it down the last time hmmm)
4) kitchen where we spent the longest time on cos of all carpentry there - cabinet configuration on both sides and we Gotto buy those holders that my ID will help mount into the cabinet. He recommended us to do a open door and pull out the dish holders/other holders cos he said those kinds that is attached to the door will be difficult to

open the doors as it will be loaded w items... hmmm.. but I rly think attached to door nicer and lesser tasks involved leh... (ux designer ่Œไธš็—… lol)

4) dry kitchen area which I’m planning for it to be a pantry. ID initially mocked 2 full height cupboard like what we have communicated to him. :) so it’s now when we discuss about all the details that we finalise them! Showed him this photo and we are gonna do an opening in the centre of both cupboards and also the small shelf at the top as seen in this photo! This area will be for water, and my oven! When we get one lol

5. BR3’s cupboard
6. MBR toilet’s vanity - we did a cut-in at side of vanity to place the toilet paper! Cos I saw from my estate’s WA that a lot of them are having problems placing the toilet rolls in MBR due to the configuration of the toilet! :) rmbr to take note of your living habits when designing! One of my neighbours placed the toilet roll on the wall above the vanity and below the mirror.. omg not nice ><

7. MBR design cos we decided to do away w the previous design. Extended the headboard through the length of the room instead - no idea what it will look like lol
8. MBR wardrobe configuration. Each of us will get like 1m width of wardrobe space (YAY!). Lemon did half w planks and half w top and bottom hangers while I did top and bottom hangers and both of us got 2 drawers w lock at the bottom! I figured I’ll buy drawers from TB if I need to fold stuff lolol. Like tt I no need to fold is it heh

Bottom tile is wood tile for our Living room! No idea why it looks so yellow here...... weird.. maybe the lighting haha.. ID chose a few laminates for us and ask us to choose from there! This one stood out cos it’s rly soft! I don’t wanna end up w a house that is so heavy on wood color that it gets out of trend quickly! >< hope we made the right choice!

AND ! Exciting part! The BR Vinyl! Omg they look better when it’s one whole piece instead of a small sample piece <3 ID is really patient w us throughout the discussion!! :)

And guess which one did we choose!

We chose none of the vinyls that he laid out ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ oh man..

I think he realised tt I couldn’t decide, or maybe he suddenly thought of a vinyl that he has, he brought out a book of samples! And TADUMMMM! The perfect grains! Left side is the laminate that we are going to use throughout the house (even toilet lol), and top right is the BR vinyl! Bottom right is the living area wood tiles. But rly.. why is it looking so yellow?!

It’s the one on the right leh...... or is it lighting problem? Or is it cos it’s relative to a browner vinyl... ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿคฏ

Hope it’s cos it’s just a sample piece and that piece happen to be lighter... I rly love this wood tile’s colour! (Hope it’s not as yellow as my photo above)..

Full pic of the book of samples!!! ๐Ÿ˜ I love choosing laminates and tiles and vinyls cos it’s like SHOPPING!!!! KEKE

Okay shall update more later or tomorrow! I brought up my concern to my ID and he very kindly and patiently helped me with the tiles Color :) will update on this when I’m free!

Day 25

Friday, 25 Jan 2019

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