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July 2019

So I’ll be based in HK for 2 months plus for work.. and I’m leaving for HK (again) tomorrow..I was there for 8 days last week and came back for trainings in SG! Now I dread going back :((I guess it’s cos I don’t have any friends there? I have another colleague with me tho! But apart from her, I don’t really know anyone else.. I guess the hardest part to anywhere for me is to find a new social circle. 😭 I wonder how people who moved overseas do it! Hope HK stays safe, so I can be safe too!

June 2019

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So it’s date night after so long! Been a long time since we last went Vivo so we went there for a walk! I think after marriage, a lot of time is spent settling house stuff, doing things for the home.. it’s really not easy to spend time like how we used to before marriage! But I guess we will work things out somehow hoho#rayxinraisins

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So our ID engaged photog to take photos of #rayxinbox !I’ve always wanted to take nice photos of our new home! :D This saves me the trouble of doing it myself hohohoWe woke up 1.5 hours prior to the photoshoot to clean the house~ vacuum the floor, keep some items and make the bed~They came around 1040am I think! And they start promptly!

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Bought this earring from TB! It’s real flowers! 😍😍😍

May 2019

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So we’ve moved in since 18th May!!!Kind of got used to the space and we are trying our very best to clean the house >< so much dust!It’s the first time switching both track lights in the living room at night. It’s surprisingly pretty!! 😍 I’m loving it and I shall switch both on when I’m home hehe #rayxinbox

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Mirror selfie again, just because 😂So we went to buy more plates from Isetan ytd~ cos currently we gotto use our Muji plates to marinate chicken... and steam fish lololThere is a Isetan sales at Tampines Mall atrium so we went to buy a couple of smaller plates and 1 bowl lolol... why did we only buy 1 bowl hmmm..Oh we bought condiments plates too! Decided that it’s impt cos I like sauces! 😋

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