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April 2019

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Farm to table

Easter weekend away!📍The Pig, Brockenhurst.Pretty straightforward journey from London but boy was the train packed. Loads of people were just sitting in the aisles.

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Farewell my favourite pair

So after 6 years I think it's time to say farewell to my grey converse 😫. My go to pair of shoes.But it's got holes of both sides....hehe. I have a habit of pushing my feet into tiptoes when I'm just standing still.All my shoes end up over bending and then tearing at the side of my toes.My mum has been nagging me to buy a new pair for years!

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Been trying to work on my inversions.Just not quite getting it!Not even sure why? Cause I'm quite confident I have the core + shoulder strength.I feel like it may be one of these two roadblocks1. Flexible backErrr yes flexibility can be unhelpful. When I try to lift my legs, the weight just seems to bend my back. So my legs just fall over.2. Super pear shaped bodyCan't deny my body is bottom heavy. Might not look it cause I am mostly petite at 5'2.

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Dayre 2.0

On this whole dayre 2.0, I think it's safe to say that I will be staying.Out of all the apps on my phone, dayre is the most used one. I've spent way more hours here than on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook combined.So for the first launch, I'll pay.After all, with a subscription model if it doesn't work out then just cancel!#imstaying #dayre2point0

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New tax year!

You know you're a nerd when you're excited that today is the start of a new tax year!☑️ New spreadsheet for 19/20☑️ Open Vanguard ISA (Lifestrategy 80)☑️ Update spreadsheet to keep track of savings/investments ⭕ Fill in ISA transfer form (from last year's Virgin Cash ISA into Fundsmith ISA)#dayrefinance #financialindependance

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