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Aloysius Pang 😒

Yupp I'm still kaypo ing on jiaqiwoo's IG. Cos I wanted to see her post more of their pictures (together with Aloysius)πŸ’• and also I hope she's doing ok. I seldom leave comments on IG. But I did it this time to encourage her.

I think she read it. But I bet she's feeling all Complicated now. That feeling of Total Heartbreak that her lover is gone. And the Need of tidying up all that feelings and continue with life. It's damn hard !

They are so compatible la.. why didn't they announce their relationship like Shane and Kimberly did? That will be so sweet. But anyway.. I think that shows how devoted Aloysius is when it comes to work. If I'm not wrong.. they got together shortly after knowing each other in 2015, when they worked together in a drama.

I'm glad I still got to catch it last time before Yuan came out. Drama θ™Žε¦ˆζ₯δΊ†

And since it was a start for their career, most probably they just wanna put the focus on work.

This was what jiaqiwoo wrote as caption for the above picture of the 2 of them. They were on a trip together in Japan then..

And this was what I commented IG wyap

I really hope to see his works. And more photos of them together.

In my opinion, jiaqiwoo should never try to occupy herself with work or stuffs to "forget" Aloyius or to forget the unhappiness.. I Know it's gonna be tough. But hopefully one day, she's going to look through everything of them again (be it pictures, places they went, things they did together...) and give a smile.. and be happy for what they had before. Just like the saying,

δΈεœ¨δΉŽε€©ι•Ώεœ°δΉ… εͺεœ¨δΉŽζ›Ύη»ζ‹₯ζœ‰

I really like him a lot πŸ’—

But I bet More people like him now, after his death. ε› δΈΊδ»–ηœŸηš„ζ˜―ε€§ε₯½δΊΊδΈ€δΈͺ πŸ‘

For me, I added him on IG years ago and like a θŠ±η—΄πŸŒΌ always scrolling through all his εΈ…εΈ… pictures. I dunno him personally so only can see his looks right? And of course I love his dramas too. He's so so natural when it comes to acting! But after having babies, I stopped switching on TV so I missed quite a lot.

Only gotta watch θ™Žε¦ˆζ₯δΊ† and 撦想程式 πŸ’—

Now I wished I could up /watch all the dramas he acted!

This photo of Aloysius was taken when he went for Xubin's wedding in China (last year). Look at what her gf wrote then. So cute.

I wanted to write something so I chose 1 of my fav photos of him to post...

Jiaqiwoo's dog 😒😒😒 her dog is so cute and she mentioned that her dog seems to know what's happening. Awww

At the bottom corner... πŸ˜– she complained why he still haven't come visit her in her dreams πŸ’”

Jiaqi's dog came over and she thinks it's Aloysius who asked her to come and console her 😒

So sweet la

I bet this doggie understood what's going on...

Super love this photo of the 2 of them.

This was when Aloysius celebrated the twin sisters birthday last yr Dec. Hmm that's just last month! 😒

According to Jiaqi's elder Sis, she was like a big light bulb to join them.. but the thoughtful couple still included her in it. Twin sisters mah.. it was also her birthday. And I assume the sister is single.

And that night after Jiaqi slept, the sister had a heart to heart talk with Aloysius and he told her he is trying to earn $ to marry Jiaqi πŸ’•

This photo posted by carrie is also πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

And I love Aloysius's smile here ☺ 笑得ε₯½ηΏηƒ‚ very unlike him.

Actually they make a great pair too. But from what I know, she and jiaqi are very good friends. They often travel together and take pics.. hmmm... but ζœ€θΏ‘ε₯½εƒζ²‘ζœ‰ηœ‹εˆ°δΊ† maybe too busy

I realised Carrie took more pics with Hayley (jiaqi's elder sis) then jiaqi. So I guess they are closer. Maybe Jiaqi is busy going paktor with Aloysius πŸ’—

I'm a stalker I know hahaha

I dunno abt others but I enjoy seeing pics of pretty people. 美ε₯³ εΈ…ε“₯

To me, Carrie is also 1 of my fav in Mediacorp. She's so pretty. One of the prettiest around. Or is she the prettiest? I can't think of anyone else.

This is Hayley. I can easily tell them apart. Haha

These few pictures from 2015~2018



And 2018

Mostly with Hayley, Jiaqi's elder sis.


Dated in 2016

They should be a couple already then. So sweet la

Last post before the day ends.

I'm still seeing lots and lots of Posts on IG abt #aloysiuspang It's so exaggerating! Overwhelming! Be it his friends / fans.. esp those whom have met him and spoke to him before.. all of them are thanking him for his kind words and actions. He's such a great, big brother to all. ηœŸηš„εΎˆε€ΈεΌ 

And dunno why.. I just feel like watching all the videos of him! Many were fan made. There are a lot of short clips of him from TV dramas and interviews.

And I just happened to chance upon this one. I like the real-life Aloysius πŸ’• the way he speaks, and his charming smile ☺

Think I will always remember him ! And nowadays when I watch his videos, I will show Yuan and ask him, do you think you will grow up to be so handsome like this gor gor ? 🀣 You must be filial like him ok ?? 😊 His reply? Noooo ! That's for the first question 🀣 Then asked him to be filial, be nice to papa mama in future, he replied OK ☺

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