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Realised a lot of people went to do their lashes ~ now it's so much easier to become a "natural" beauty. Haha!

Lashes can really make ur eyes Open up and become bigger. Last time I also tried wearing lenses.. erm I meant the one that can make the pupil size bigger. I only have a very minor degree. Usually I dun wear specs or contact lenses. But I just feel like making the eyes bigger. Haha but #fail because I have a hard time putting the lens and since it's not necessary, I decided not to wear.

Then I also tried lash extensions. It's pretty but I cannot tell much difference because I always went for the natural type. And I get frustrated when it keeps dropping after some time (yea I know it's normal). And since my natural lashes are still there, it looks a little weird to have extensions and natural ones together. Some curled , some not.. unless u got the time to use eye mascara.. oh and also the eyelash curler.

So finally, I found the best way out ! #LashLift ! It's like doing a perm for ur lashes to make them curl 👍👍👍

I really love it and the effects are really good !

Picture above is with mascara. Because the boss at #LashUp says wearing mascara can help to prolong the curl 😅

But most of the time I just do without anything. It's still very curled and pretty, like I had makeup on. Usually I only apply mascara when I have time like now (I'm doing my pedicure hence got time to dayre🤣)

Can "dramatise" the effects I love that volume after mascara. Haha

Even if I get to use mascara it will also be done when I'm free Outside. Haa

Because really no time. At home just put foundation and draw eyebrows. That's it.

See picture 👆 I purposely purchased this travel size one so I can bring out.

(~~~~(>_<)~~~~) 哭😢


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Saturday, 2 Feb 2019

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