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updated 1 month ago

*feeling accomplished*


Ok at least to me. I managed to declutter a BIG bag of clothes that I cannot wear / don't want to wear anymore. Some were just clothes that I keep (for years) because they are still new.

But I finally decided to "Let it go!"

And maybe I can still get back some $$$ from it.. πŸ˜„

Because I jus drop it off at Refash ! 🀣

They will be giving me a quotation within 2 weeks and I can also come back to collect the rejected pieces (within 7 days after the quotation is given).

Day 27

Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

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onceuponastar (avatar)

onceuponastar I send in to refash last year.. but till now still no payment in yet.. >.<

1 month ago

wendy_yap (avatar)

wendy_yap @onceuponastar OMg! Why like that ? and u never "chase" them?

1 month ago

onceuponastar (avatar)

onceuponastar I just login to the system and there is only $7 payout.. so little.. I tin put on carousell will earn more.. >.<

1 month ago

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