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February 2019

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Hahahha omg damn funny i used the same sticker for 3 days this month ald πŸ˜‚ it's like I cant wait to travel!!!! March gonna be a guuuuuud month πŸ€—

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Where got people ownself curse ownself...Feeling very depressed on this. I should be able to solve problems, but yet I panick and get all flustered because I dont know what to do....But isnt that what I'm supposed to do? Solve problems??Why does it seem that everytime I have a problem I end up not thinking straight but relying on people to give me answers??? Very, very disappointed in myself. I really need to step up.

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Me RN. Just booked my Paris trip with JY! Gonna meet her there haha I'm so exicted! Now just need to find accom and plan our itinerary haha. Dk if I should put aside some time to visit Polene to check out the bag :/Recently I've started reading the dayrehomes tag again! Haha i really cant wait for my home to ready omgosh but 2022 is soooooo farrrrr awayyy (kinda)Then again by the time I am back home 2019 will be over and then I will only have 2 full years to save up T.T

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