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Entered motherhood in 24.06.16

March 2019

Want to drop everything and fly away...

February 2019

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Valentine's day with this little one. Seeing kor kor in abit.

January 2019

Feeling so depressed and down right now. Just came back from the Down Syndrome test. Results were on the low risk. But that wasnt the one thing low. Some papp-a blood sample came back low as well. Meaning may have some problems with growth developments. Meaning more regular checks which also = more money spend even before baby is born.

Penning down 2018.. The year started well. A long holiday in plan, bb z 2nd year milestone, happiness, laughters and songs filled our household. Then came unexpected news. One that my fam would have never thought off. But well it still came, nonetheless, we will fight the battle as a family! Then we had another good news yet not so good news to end the year with. Came with complications. And all seems too much ever since of a condition i knew i had last year.

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