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July 2019

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reminder to myself to take a breather to enjoy the little sights around me once in awhile ✨

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i need to keep my desk tidy, just got that black velvet deskpad from #shopee, i like it! and yes that extra af keyboard, it lights up blue ok lol. everyone notices it first when they come to my table!! 2 (huge) screens rly help so much at work, lifesaver.

June 2019

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working here made me see the shitty side of people. people who think they’re at the top of the pyramid and looks down on others who’s just doing a different job from them, people who is sarcastic af just bc they think they are one level higher than others, people who act all high and mighty. fuck you and your shit. have the basic human respect please, always remember KARMA WORKS IN A BIG FAT ROUND.

i dreamt of you and that our family was having another staycation again.

May 2019

Last day at Grand Copthorne for the workshop, though got a feeling it won’t be the last since there’re still so many things wrong with the system so maybe it requires further testing.Chicken rice, bcm, prawn noodles etc, IM BACK FOR YOU DURING LUNCH TOMORROW AFTER ALMOST 2 WEEKS OF BUFFET LUNCH.

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