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It has been a while since I penned down some thoughts on this little space. This entry is specially dedicated to Sherlin and Joanne from slim couture. 2 years back, these 2 ladies asked me if I can shoot for their corporate video and I gently declined as I was not keen to let the whole world know that I went through a slimming program. But till date, I have actually referred more than 40 people to them ( haha, do I have many fat friends? No, I think my friends are just vain.. )

A lot of my friends and colleagues have the same problem as me. We gained weight throughout the years as we started working :(
Back track to how I met these Angels who changed my life. I was introduced to this cupping treatment by my friend Jennifer! She walked into office one day and exclaimed she lost 6 kg in 6 weeks and I was really keen to find out more. Instantly, I was thinking what kind of sorcery is that? I have tried one year of low carbs and exercising but I did not lose a single kg.

I started working in citibank at 48kg and hit 55.6 kg over 4 years. My goodness 7.6kg. Everyone who met me throughout those years told me that I have gained weight. My best friends asked me to stop snacking and my dad asked me to stop eating so much. I was feeling down for a period of time, especially when I realized that I cannot fit into my size s dresses anymore! So imagine how desperate I was when I heard that she lost 6kg in 6 weeks!

I started on a 6 weeks program with slim couture. Was it painful? Was it tough to follow through? Yes and No... Yes the gua sha and cupping was very painful but the pain did not last more then 3 minutes during each session. I followed their diet strictly. I ate one box of cherry tomatoes EVERY DAY and have my daily meals of veggies, fruits, chicken and fish for 6 weeks ( I even ate KFC hehe!)

Before and after!

The main reason why I could follow through the whole program was because: I had weight and inches loss in almost every follow up session. During the first session, I lost 2 kg and 4 cm off my waist. I was super motivated!!!

So eventually after 6 weeks, I lost a total of 7kg and 11 cm off my waist and I dropped at least a size for my clothes

and yes I asked Andy to try the baguan with me and both of us lost weight together!! He lost a total of 5 kg in 3 weeks :) so we always teased each other on our hot ball days!

The chubby days!!

And now, super pleased with the results and maintainence! This was taken 2 years after I did the treatment!

I still go for my monthly maintainence now and then! Certainly, I have also adopted healthier living after losing weight! Looking slimmer and healthier has made me happier! On a side note, I tailored more than 30 pieces of my working dresses to fit the new me right after I lost weight. Many people were astonished at how fast I lost the fats and weights.. And I guess that's why many actually signed up the program after seeing me as a real life example!

So once again thank you slim couture, the Angels in my life! This is my honest review for slim couture and I hope it benefits for those who are googling to for reviews!

Day 60

Sunday, 1 Mar 2015

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aiclay (avatar)

aiclay Thanks for sharing Wanting! Ooh I thought you're part of the SC, didn't know you're a client! Have been tempted to sign up for some time, but still quite a large sum of money to part with lol. 😁

4 years ago

jaclynang (avatar)

jaclynang how much does it cost?

4 years ago

ewilwabbit (avatar)

ewilwabbit Hi everyone, bought an extra basic cream set from slim couture but did not use it. Brand new, letting go cheaper. If anyone is keen do let me know, i only have 1 set. :)

3 years ago

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