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To eternity :)

Finally having brunch! Feels like I’ve waited all day πŸ˜‚

One Man Coffee’s one for one #burpple #burpplebeyond deal.

Couldn’t finish it because it’s quite substantial! Loved the eggs and the perfect avocado. πŸ˜‹ #dayrefatties

Workout of the day

This morning was intense! Really really wanted to sleep in..but we dragged ourselves up at 630AM anyway πŸ˜ͺ

Here’s the sequence:

1) Warm-up jog (any reasonable distance, we did 500m)
2) One set of the following:
- 20 push-ups
- 20 flutter kicks for the core
- 10 squats
- 7 pull-ups (I can only do 1-2 continuously on a good day... so I basically try to hang for each rep)
3) Run 2km
4) Repeat step 2)

Officially dead after that and really hated A for awhile after inflicting such pain on me πŸ˜†


Ootd to collect our wedding bands! Hehe.
SA also reminded me that lv canvas needs to be ‘exercised’ so.. need to use the bag more often πŸ˜…

In the end, A had to get his band resized because his finger became fatter πŸ˜‚ either that or it swelled because of this morning’s workout. So yeah, will go back next week to collect his!

For my band, I almost got a half eternity band. Making decisions are really tough haha so I just decided to narrow it down to really simple and classic choices.

After all, the band is a symbol of our love but there’s no need to go crazy over it haha. And sometimes less is more - plus simpler and elegant bands can always be ‘dressed up’ and always look good with a manicure, IMO. Hehe.

Pretty eternity rings

They complement solitaire engagement rings really well!

But yes, maybe a little *too* simple, so I decided against it even though it’s so so nice :)

My priority was to find a ring that complements my engagement ring well, but I also wanted something that would look good on its’ own!

So I was very sure that I didn’t want something that looks incomplete or like a ‘stacking’ ring on its’ own. :)

And so in the end I got...

Rose gold, with a row of diamonds ❀️

I am absolutely in love!!!
His name is engraved inside the band in calligraphic font.. very intricate :)

Something to hold close to the heart aye :)


Day 12

Saturday, 12 Jan 2019

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throughtheglass (avatar)

throughtheglass So pretty!!! May I ask where you got your wedding band from? :)

1 month ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher Hehe @throughtheglass you can look for Reena at Felice Jewellery :) hidden gem!

1 month ago

throughtheglass (avatar)

throughtheglass Thank you!!! Do you mind if I ask what is the range they charge for wedding bands like yours? @wanderwithcher

1 month ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @throughtheglass it depends on the market price of gold too! :) mine was 1k :)

1 month ago

gladyseaw (avatar)

gladyseaw very pretty wedding band! :')

1 month ago

funnylittlething (avatar)

funnylittlething Hello! Is this jeweler a shop where I can walk in? Or is it a strictly by appointment only?

1 month ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @gladyseaw thank you dear! :)

1 month ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @funnylittlething hihi! the location is really out of the way, best to call before arriving to avoid a wasted trip :)

1 month ago

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