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Happy weekend everyone!!! ✨
Chilly chilly morning.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my humble little wardrobe! I thought I’d do a part 2 of the wardrobe tour because I left out some things.. then I got hit by a terrible bout of fever and basically Wed/Thu/Fri of my life was a blur πŸ˜‚

Buttttt I’m feeling way better today! :)

Have cut down on my shopping ALOT - seriously saved more money this month... aye so I treasure whatever few new buys that I have ALOT πŸ˜„

Some new-ins,

Chanel Beauty Online Pop-Up

Supposedly, the perk of buying online at this temp pop-up store is.. exclusive packaging.

Quite pretty indeed! I know I would never get a box if I had just bought a lipstick in store.. lol.

Got an extra gift card :p

Even the skincare beauty samples came in a little box of its’ own!

How neat.

Yup this was my first glance!

I BOUGHT ONE LIPSTICK ONLY hahahaa looks as though I got a lot of things right... ~illusion

Finally got this, and tried it yesterday!

Rouge Allure No 8.
Apparently an Asia Exclusive. At first glance it looks like a blue-toned red, which is great because those are the kinds of red that make! your! teeth! look! whiter!!! 😁✨

Look at that gold micro shimmer.
So there aren’t many swatches online.. probably because a lot of famous beauty bloggers are in the West and.. this is Asia exclusive so...

I thought little old me can help out a little, even though I ain’t a beauty blogger I’m just someone with some free time LOL

First swipe. Sheeeeeeeer. Lips will look stained. Pretty effect!

Second layer.

(Luckily this isn’t my lips otherwise ill just look like i got stung by an insect lol pardon my terrible swatching skills)

*digs around limited beauty stash and finds other random lipsticks for comparison*

Fenty Stunna on the left, Chanel No 8 in the middle, Revlon $8 Rosewine lippie on the right πŸ˜‚

#ITried and I hope it helps.


Reasons why you would want to purchase the items online instead of instores:
1) OTT packaging
2) you have no time and you just want it delivered to your doorstep
3) the product you want is OOS I stores
4) exclusive bundle sets + collectibles! go check it out!
5) see reason 1) again

The next few items basically disappeared magically like... 2 minutes, if not the moment they were launched.

Roadmap Straight-Cut Dress

The Road Map collection is such a hit! The previous launch was disappointing for me because of the 502 bad gateway error..frustrating haah but on hindsight I didn’t really mind that much.. I know that a lot of people may be wearing the same dresses during CNY. And there’s always a part II launch πŸ˜‚

So I sold off a dress from the Dune collection, and funded this!

True enough, all sold out within 5 min. I’m just floored by singaporeans’ shopping abilities. πŸ˜‚

Photos credit to dreachong & Superga.

So I’ve never owned any Superga shoes, and this time round the marketing was just so out there - you can’t miss it! Love love love the beautiful campaign photos shot in Bali, and dreachong gave a very personal touch to the whole marketing campaign.

Comes in a pretty box and will come with a tote too!

More importantly I bought it because it’s SNEAKER MULES.
πŸ’― comfort.
No more blisters!

All shoes are just uncomfortable for me because... flat feet woes ): only sneakers work but of course I can’t wear them to work. Looking forward to use these well during the weekend! They will go well with summery dresses too! Can’t wait to receive them.

Hope they fit well!!! πŸ˜„ Did anybody size up for this pair?

And yup the white pair sold out within 3 minutes or something πŸ˜…

The white size 37 were the first to go completely OOS.

Ok the next is really too good not to share.. :p

Super ultimate best value deal πŸ˜‚

Most favourite T-shirt in the world: Uniqlo Cropped Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

I was really excited when I saw this in the latest launch!!! I got two of these shirts in Japan last summer and loved them so much.

LOLOL cropped from my instastories from waaay back. This was the faded green colour I got. Also got the white. Luckily it’s still white after multiple washes πŸ˜†

Side note I miss my Gucci marmont belt :/ this is the 3cm version which was actually perfect for me... i have the 4cm now which I am afraid might be too loud! Shall see how it goes, or does anyone want to buy it from me? BN

Helping Uniqlo to advertise HAAHAH

This yellow is actually quite wearable.

πŸ’― yes to Navy all day everyday

Try-ons! Wearing size M in light grey here. I like the comfy boxy fit, and it’s a good length for me.

Some crop tees are just too ridiculously short - the manufacturers are trying to cut costs issit πŸ˜‚

Navy in S!

Bought this eventually :)
It’s very off-duty chic. So happened that I brought my college bag out, kinda matchy matchy aye? :)

Pardon the messy pony - and also the poor fitting jeans because I grabbed a random pair just for trying purposes πŸ˜…

And the sunshineeeeeee yellow!!!

Didn’t expect to get this colour... but yes it came home with me too.

Total damage: $28.90 for two tees πŸ’Έ

Not sure if it will go on sale but the small sizes usually run out fast so if you like it too, get one first! πŸ˜„

Dinner with uni friends

Duck confit nom nom nom πŸ˜„

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar
Hotel G Singapore

Love this new find!

It’s especially pretty in the daytime.

High ceilings, lots of natural light.

The cheapest bottles of wine go for $30, and they’re actually pretty decent! Good for groups. Or, $6 per glass. Service is great, ambience is lovely too. Really chill.

By nightfall,

And here’s some other promos haha

Bring the girlfriends!

Super tired now. And I took a direct bus but it was a longgg ride home πŸ˜‚ oh well, trade offs.

Time to crash!

Tomorrow will be a whole day spent with A. We are going for his suit customisation! Might share how that goes. :) and he also cutely asked me for a “steamboat dinner date, just the two of us.” πŸ˜‹

Goodnight world✨

Day 19

Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

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mintyvintage (avatar)

mintyvintage I've been waiting for swatches!! But why no lip swatches πŸ˜‚

2 months ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @mintyvintage lips not luscious enough HAHAHAA your brows look on point!!! Must go back for touch up after a month? :)

2 months ago

misseve23 (avatar)

misseve23 Yea would love to see a lip swatch to see if I need yet another red lippie!! Haha

2 months ago

zeshuf (avatar)

zeshuf i love the yellow pair! but i cant handle the stress of camping to give money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ already did for osn... cant do it for another website

2 months ago

mintyvintage (avatar)

mintyvintage After 1 month but Within 3 months! So maybe after cny can do the touch up hehe

1 month ago

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