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The Perfect White Dress under $200 (ROM, PWS, Occasions)

I’ve always always loved white clothing. My penchant for white outfits began ever since I was 18? I was really tanned back then, thanks to long hours of training under the sun (sports cca life ahha). And my teammate/good friend who was equally tanned - made a comment, that she finds “white clothing look best on her” because it’s bright, and also because many other colours make her skin tone look washed out. And ever since then...I’ve always gravitated to white 😂

Even though I know that white can be a hassle to maintain.. I love white but I can be a clumsy eater at times (oops :p) and it takes extra effort to separate the laundry each time.. haha.

So anyway my love for white clothing is even more apparent because I’ve been frequently ~surfing for white dresses~ recently!!!

I thought I’d share some of these options/stores based on my research. Hopefully it will be useful for brides-to-be, or if you just simply love white dresses like me 😂

I didn’t include local blog shops or taobao links! These are more off-the-radar options that I’d thought I’d share.

What other colours do you all like to wear for photo shoots?



This is Malaysia’s version of Love Bonito... This label is so popular too, and a lot of their designs sell out really quickly!

Filter search for ‘white’ and you’ll see many intricate and beautiful pieces that are suitable for your ROM appt... or there are so many other colours and choices for PWS.

Prices are all <$100 too!

Even though they’re based in Msia, shipping is super fast via SF Express and you can expect to receive your items in 3 days or so. How’s that for efficiency?!

Super pretty 😍


This is a US site! So you may need to go through VPost or another shipping agent. However, it’s still really worth it! During US holidays there can be really good sales too.

Sleek and classic.

But it’s a party at the back!
V-back that is cut inwards has a much more slimming effect than straight cut horizontal backs. So don’t be afraid to try!

This is USD48 thereabouts

This maxi already looks like a simple gown right!!!

Handkerchief hem swish swish~

ASOS (Jarlo London)

Learnt of this label from a kind Dayrean!!

And I ended up getting this!!!
It’s really really well-made. Good, thick structured material. I highly recommend it.

This dress is still available on ASOS in UK12-16! SGD80 heh

Ok I’m not sure how many of you know the next site... but my jaw really dropped when my colleague said that she got her wedding dress from this store.

If you are considering getting a dress from #taobao, but are daunted by the language barrier or fear of inaccurate pics, then you can try this:

JJ’s House


Or you can straightaway get brand new gowns for a little bit more 😂

I feel like the sample sales / clearance sales at some of the local gown stores may feature some really worn out or outdated gowns.. if you’re on a budget but don’t want to settle on quality, you can really try out this online store based in the US!

You can request for fabric swatches too. My colleague showed me ivory / pure white swatches for the dress she got.


Love love love this local label! Most convenient option is to head to TANGS where they are stocked. Follow Aijek on Instagram to get notified of their sales too.

Their dresses are pretty pricey but you rarely have to pay full price if you keep a lookout for the sales.

I’ve gotten Aijek dresses at $65 before, for instance at Boutique Fairs last year.

Also, they are available on StyleTheory! If you prefer renting :)

Support local!!! And it’s too beautiful to resist haah.

Love the simple back details.

Pair this with strappy heels and it will look gorgeous!! This would look great at a simple beach reception too.. ahh 😍

Also check out Revolve and Shopbop!

Alright the next one is a bit of a hack.. and requires research and good timing!

For the adventurous dresser

Self Portrait’s designs are familiar to many.. in fact there are so many inspired pieces around. If the timing is right, you can actually get mrselfportrait pieces for $200-300.

Net-a-porter / Yoox also have great steals!!

From Net-a-Porter

The good thing about this label is that it probably will have some resale value once you’re done with the dress.

The Outnet

These are from The Outnet.

If you have ever considered buying dresses off styletheory.. well you can consider this site too. They have a lot of labels that are on styletheory. Alice McCall, Halston etc.

This is from TIBI! Exceeds $200 slightly oops but perfect for the conservative dresser. Smart looking and well cut dresses with sleeves are not easy to find ok.

Ok price here hahaah.

Love that they are wide fit for my toes too.. more comfortable.


Slightly hit and miss! But they do have some beautiful pieces 😍 always enticed by their seemingly awesome discounts - 50% off like all the time lol

Got to make do...thanks to the Square crop haaha. This looks really revealing at first but I believe the tailor can help to make the plunging neckline... less plunging. Haha. Sew the bust closer.

The back details 😍 like a ballerina

This dress is also available in maroon and navy!!

Can pass off as simple wedding Dress again right !!!

Summer vibes~

Alright that’s a wrap for the dresses!!! Wanna share some other bridal stuff 😂

Pic from fortbridalnovelties

Oh gosh.. obviously what caught my eye was the #chanel hanger 😂

Then now I’m on the hunt for a bridal robe... The lace details are so pretty! There are sooo many pretty and exquisite robes on taobao too! Haha. It’s really quite a frivolous purchase but then again I’m not going to embroider the word “bride” on it - so it definitely won’t be a one-time use item! Super wasteful :p

I’ve also felt like it’s abit extra to embroider “bride” because.. everyone knows you are THE bride what 😅🤭

Also fell in love with these gorgeous ring boxes! This will double up as decor in my house after the wedding... and I’m using it for both my March and Dec celebrations... ok totally self justifying the cost 😂

Seriously so pretty!

Might have been able to get it off taobao or another vendor for a cheaper price but.. it’s ok. A little tired to go through the conversations to customise stuff etc.

Paid a little under $90.. yes most expensive acrylic box I’ve ever bought in my life lol but ok once off. ❤️🤗

Screenshot of the moodboard that my florist sent to me...

March bouquet settled!🤗

By the way ladies, do you all have bouquets for ROM? Or is it too extra 😂 opinions greatly appreciated!

Also featuring my new rose gold heels for ROM! Yes yes I know some people go for their appointment in chill attire haahah but girl here just want to dress up yknow!! 😂

Size 37 is slightlyyyyy loose but nothing that heel shields can’t fix. 😄

But still pointy in design, which literally elevates the look! ;)

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nite_stars yay! doublewoots really woots in their design!

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iamqsl this is v helpful, thank u! im a white lover through and through haha, never ending quest for the perfect white top!

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yixian Your post is tremendously helpful 😂😂😂 thank you!!!!!

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wanderwithcher @nite_stars love it so much!!! 😂 very addictive leh their collections. all so feminine and pretty.

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wanderwithcher @iamqsl most welcome!! yessss I call it the PWS also - perfect white shirt😆 white just looks good la!

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wanderwithcher Hello @yixian!! :) most welcome! 🤗🤗 have a good week ahead heheh

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alterbeauty Hi. May I know where you got the acrylic box and rose gold heels? Thanks!!

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charwg such an awesome post! thank you for sharing 😁😊

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hellocorals where did u get your beautiful heels? :)))

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regvweg have seen ladies with bouquet, defo not extra! good for photo op 😂

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