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A little walk-in wardrobe tour :)

Finally getting around to this extremely overdue post: a walk-in wardrobe tour!!! I want to capture all the memories before I forget!!! Haha.

Before I begin, I thought it is best to share a few things first:

1) This is not inspired by the latest #KonMari trend. πŸ˜‚

I actually read about her method years ago, but it seems like she is experiencing a third wave of popularity thanks to Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet lady and I agree with some of her practices (you’ll see later!) but my wardrobe didn’t just come about like this overnight after watching a few episodes lol. And I believe that discipline and good habits are extremely important when it comes to lifelong organization. So,

2) The way my wardrobe looks the way it does + the number of belongings I have, is a reflection of a few simple guiding principles that I have adopted:

⭐️ Quality, not quantity
⭐️ More classics, fewer trendy items
⭐️ Comparison is the thief of joy (I have mentioned this in the context of weddings before, @wanderwithcher:121018) – my humble little walk-in wardrobe is definitely not the biggest nor the most expensive, but it certainly is my happy place :) And watching YouTube videos of amazing hauls or wardrobes should not make me feel lousier, because I am already super thankful to have what I have.

Besides, what fun is it if my life just revolves around accumulating material goods/or if I have already every material thing I want in my mid twenties? I wasn’t born in a wealthy family, so that makes me treasure everything that I have even more.

All in good time! :)

⭐️ Finally, investing in your health, fitness and CONFIDENCE level is the foundation. There were countless times when I felt terrible, like I had “nothing to wear” even though my wardrobe was full of options, and I finally realised that this feeling of inadequacy, “not looking good in anything” / “unattractive/boring, aiya wear so many times alr #sian” which leads us to want to always buy more to keep up - might be due to bigger and deeper issues, such as not feeling confident enough.

So really - clothes etc are all a bonus. Yes! Shopping brings joy. I love shopping. Don’t we all?! But I’m also slowly learning to appreciate each item that I already own, even more. And to moderate my shopping. Go back to the first few guiding principles: quality not quantityπŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΌ

⭐️ Buy AND sell, to avoid heavy losses
No hoarding!!! In 2018 I did 3 fleas to finally get rid of all the clothing I no longer wear, some were from secondary school days... lol. I know it isn’t easy, some of my friends always say they’re too lazy to sell stuff, and end up THROWING or donating. Throwing is just too wasteful la really unless the items are damaged.

Personally I love selling stuff la, so I guess it helps! Carousell, Dayre, fleas have been great platforms for me to ensure that my items find new owners, and that I recoup some of the initial cost! :)

So try selling! You just might get the hang of it :)

3) I would love to provide links as best as I can – and all links will be collated the bottom of the entry.

If the link to the particular item is not given, it means I don’t have the link/it was gifted/it can be easily googled or it already is on Ezbuy. Feel free to screenshot the item and search for it on Taobao also. @wanderwithcher:281118 also has more details.

So far I’ve met so many nice ladies who always ask nicely and say thank you too, I really really appreciate it and I’m more than happy to share with you like-minded people whenever I can! :)

Good manners and good vibes go a long, long way. Thank you all for understanding once again <3

(Sorry im generally so long-winded HAHAHAHA)

Alright let’s go into this proper shall we?


Plenty of empty space before the carpentry arrived :p

Slowly, the carpentry came in..

Vanity - mirror & glass works

And everything just looked great! 😁

Fast forward to today,

One of the many reasons why I look forward to going home at the end of each day..

On one side, I have my clothes stand. Usually the night before, I hang my outfit for the next day, so that I won’t have to rush in the morning or battle decision fatigue.

This dress is to be sent for alteration..I don’t wear this to work ah please πŸ˜‚

The step stool is...because I’m a shortie πŸ˜† to reach the top shelves. Also conveniently serves as a depository area for my latest parcels. The ‘unboxing zone,’ i call it. Haha. And a reminder that I still have BNWT items waiting to be used.

Close up of the marble x gold details. Very sturdy so far!

I will share about my #chanel beauty online pop up item soon! 😁

Vanity - thanks to acrylic boxes, everything has its’ own place.

Dyson hairdryer is 100% worth it. Make sure you get the stand too!!! I got the hairdryer for 20% off during the Sephora sales :) good to wait till then!

Random products.
I really like Revlon lipsticks - cheap and good. 225 Rosewine is my favourite shade! It’s even cheaper when you get it duty free - $8.45 or something :p

Mascaras and random eye products at the back, little palettes in front. Do they even count as palettes?! πŸ˜‚ Buying travel sized cosmetics is a good way to get variety while saving and preventing wastage.

On the other side...

Les Beiges compact.
I should call this Le Regrets lolol the dewy glow just doesn’t work for me buttttt it’s hydrating and suitable for winter. Hence I’m still keeping it. This wasn’t cheap either🀨

This though! ❀️
Second tube already. Highly recommend it!

Next are these rose gold bunnies πŸ˜‚ they’re actually really cute ring holders.

And my Muji acrylic earring storage boxes. This design has been discontinued in Singapore, unfortunately. But Japan and Taiwan still have them! :)

Saving this statement pair for CNY πŸ˜„

And ft my one and only pair of CC earrings from a long time ago.. A doesn’t allow me to buy anymore because the price just isn’t worth the quality. And I can start to understand why.. Thankfully this pair is holding up well! :)

Brush holders! These are all over taobao. Good for wedding table decor too, I reckon.

Helps to keep all my brushes in place.

The brushes are from Zoeva, the rose gold set or something. Quite like them!

Now for my favourite part πŸ˜†

πŸ€—πŸ€— my two favourite doors of the entire wardrobe πŸ˜‚

Very extra, trying to achieve the boutique feels LOL so I also have LED lights for my bag cabinetπŸ˜‚

Having a dedicated space for each bag gives them space to ‘breathe,’ and each one of them looks good its’ own home πŸ€—

And it also tells me I cannot buy more than... 7? πŸ˜‚ otherwise they will all be squished together!!!

I usually sort them by how frequently I use them, and dress them up with related coffee table books or boxes.

Really fun, basically the look of these shelves are always changing, depending on how I feel like styling it. This above pic and the next one were actually taken in Nov.. haha.

This here is my KING! πŸ˜‚

Under the bag is actually a chanel bookset of 3! Has a gigantic Chanel No 5 on the cover, must remember to take a pic one day.

Now I store this bag with the strap rolled up *inside the bag, to protect it more. This bag is a hassle to always assemble, and then store. But it still looks like brand new, so the effort is worth it la right :)

Close up of what it looks like today.

This door on the left holds all my favourite/frequently worn dresses, sorted by colour! It’s actually not different to maintain this - just make it a point to hang your item back within the colour range. πŸ’― satisfying βœ”οΈ

So if you can see, it’s prints on the extreme left, followed by whites; pinks/reds; 50 shades of blue and some grey then black πŸ˜‚

And yup, when my friends came over, they were really shocked. “I expected you to have a lot more clothes!!” πŸ˜‚ I counted about 40-50 dresses? Teehee.

I guess you can call it a wardrobe refresh!

The rose gold hangers are also great because they are so slim.

Here’s what it looks like all closed (taken a few days ago haah) let’s play spot the difference πŸ˜‚

βœ”οΈFloor to ceiling cupboards make your ceiling look real tall
βœ”οΈ Glossy white laminates, in my opinion, are easier to maintain than matte white ;)
βœ”οΈ White white white. Need I say more? The perfect backdrop for all your OOTD/item photos etc etc and it’s just so calming. Hehe.
βœ”οΈ Contrast it with a ‘warm and cosy’ flooring choice like what I did, if you don’t want a clinical feel!

Initially I wanted glass doors for everything,

But that is expensive af (crystal clear white glass is easily $300 per panel, dk if my ID trying to rip me off or not lolol) and I think it’s a lot harder to maintain. Plus I need to make sure that everything is 100% neat all the time. That will trigger our combined OCD even more hahahaha.

Now for the wardrobe corner,

This is important!! Please invest the additional amount of money to make sure that you can use the entire corner space like this. I sent this exact pic to my ID and requested for more poles where the green lines are πŸ˜‚ idea is for tops / bottoms and then dresses and winter coats on the right side.

Currently it looks like this! LOL. Work in progress. All my spare hangers are at the back, and my winter coats are still in my family home. So for now, plenty of space. I keep my handheld garment steamer, Philips smart iron and ironing board on the right too. Leaning against the cupboard so can’t see from the pic.

I stash random things below... my DSLR lives here until I decide to splurge on a dry cabinet.. and my yoga equipment too. My mat is hidden somewhere lol.

Yoga wheel + foam roller

I highly recommend the wheel! Opens up your entire spine πŸ˜„


Ok I’m totally running out of time lol but I’m determined to finish this post by midnight!!!

Next up are the drawers! I have 4 long drawers and 4 short drawers.

Now you know what I mean by I love some of Marie Kondo’s methods.. :) this is an effective way to visually display all clothes. And to motivate me to workout more :p

Have been folding it this way since a few years ago, never looked back.

The other drawers belong to A, so I shall not invade his privacy! :p I do most of the folding for him (I genuinely like it LOL) so the system is applied throughout πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜„

Alright I think more or less, that’s about it? :) thanks for liking this post and camping! Means a lot to me because it can be quite scary to put details of a personal space in a public domain.

Alrighty time for the links! If it’s not here, means I don’t have them no more. :)

Clothesstand: Nordic small living room floor hanger after modern simple light luxury marble metal coat rack Clothes rack
Chanel coffee table books: Bookdepository or Kinokuniya
Curtains / Stool: IKEA
Acrylic Boxes: Muji / Ezbuy (just search acrylic drawers)
Bunny ring holders: UMBRA (I got mine in Japan)
Track lights: Starworld @ JB

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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Haylui (avatar)

Haylui if I have clothes that doesn't fit me, I will just donate it

7 months ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @kellelui yay that’s awesome!!! Salvation Army? :) donating or selling are the best options.. throwing away feels like throwing away $! πŸ˜…

7 months ago

Haylui (avatar)

Haylui I usually donate to salvation army because is not far away from my home

7 months ago

mintyvintage (avatar)

mintyvintage Les regrets LOL! The les Beiges range really doesn't seem to be best for our humid weather. I use this for touch up instead and it does that job well without messing too much up

7 months ago

LifeOfElle (avatar)

LifeOfElle Hi! will you share the link to your gold marble clothes stand please? β˜ΊπŸ’•πŸ˜

7 months ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @mintyvintage ikr!!! sg humidity knows no mercy.. next time we really must check carefully πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @LifeOfElle yeah I will! :) stay tuned to the end lolol I really hope I finish the post by today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar A awww what a beautiful walk in wardrobe you have! You’ve got a good eye for interior decor!

7 months ago

thesingingbee (avatar)

thesingingbee Such a pretty walk in wardrobe babe!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics.

7 months ago

mel_ly (avatar)

mel_ly This is sooo beautiful!!!

7 months ago

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