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updated 1 month ago

10 days...of no shopping?

Good morning sunshine!!! Gosh it’s been almost a week since I’ve updated.. but I’ve been reading all the updates intermittently! :) 2019 is looking fab, y’all.

Had dinner with the girlfriends last night, and one of them just bought a wallet from Europe! Can you remember which is mine πŸ˜›

Same same but different! Haha. Everyone has their own preferences and these two simple SLGs show a diversity in opinions already.

On another note... there’s shopping temptations EVERYWHERE

So ladies, think of the *majority of the times/options you have picked* and see which team you’re on!! πŸ˜‚

1) Caviar and GHW
2) Caviar and SHW
3) Lambskin and GHW
4) Lambskin and SHW
and *nah give y’all option 5*
5) The Undecided!! πŸ˜†
And another one requested by @/ellenxxxo heheh
6) Caviar and LGHW!!! Or LGHW in general! So pretty and unique on its own.

Like this SS19 radiance balm (looks like a highlighter of sorts). Oh so pretty.

But highlighters take a long time to use up so I’m seriously questioning if I really need one πŸ˜‚

SS19 temptations, all images from TPF (one of the best chanel stalking resources πŸ˜‚)

This shade of nudepink ❀️

Looks slightly different here? I prefer this colour! A perfect balance of girly and ladylike. Not too sickly sweet also.

This blue is stunning. Periwinkle blue? So gorgeous! Fair skinned ladies will pull this off really well. But the Boy is a very edgy bag and I do prefer darker colour combinations on it. Anyway! No more Boys πŸ˜‚πŸš«

This colour combination is just amazing!! So quirky. Hopefully 2019 is the year that I get a Gabrielle :) Small or medium? I’m still undecided.

Would you go for a gabby or a classic medium flap?

Clearly this bag falls under the category of “Bags to be admired from afar” πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I’m on a 10 day no shopping streak!

I have not carted out anything.. gone into many stores (LB / Hollyhoque / MDS etc) and just left empty-handed. Achievement? πŸ˜„βœ”οΈ

So yup... this is my tenth day and let’s see how long this can last. A is mighty pleased with me but he says I still have a long way to go... and my dad’s parting words to me every time after we meet for dinner is, “stop buying clothes uh..”


But honestly in my defence,

I don’t have a lot of clothes.

Jolly gonna do a closet tour this weekend and you’ll see! ;)

Also, does anyone know how long does the LB returns take? I can’t imagine waiting 3 weeks. πŸ˜‚ If my credit vouchers are in, I might just cart something out then! Haha.

Wonder how everyone’s CNY shopping is coming along too! I think 4 outfits should be sufficient? To cover Day 1+2 and the weekends! πŸ˜›

Also thought I’d share a few shoe dupes I’ve chanced upon

I always find it really interesting when you go to high street stores and then you suddenly spot a design that makes you do a double take;

Like.. where have I seen that before?! Oh...

Teehee. Inspired shoes, what are your thoughts? :)

Thanks to Pinterest for this gorgeous collage.. these shoes are really super pretty and classy! Saw a pair in the yoga studio last week, lucky owner! πŸ˜‚

And then there’s this pair! Pretty in its own right.. but really reminded me of the Dior. Heh.

Then there’s this pair, I don’t even need to describe anymore right? πŸ€“

This pair is by Sam Edelman, from Shopbop! If you don’t wanna risk buying from Taobao, this is an option to consider.

The price still wasn’t that cheap though!

For those keen on the #taobao version,
Here it is 【2018新款网纒ε₯³ιž‹ε°ι¦™ε‡‰ιž‹ε°ι¦™ι£Žε•ιž‹ε°ι¦™ιž‹η²—θ·Ÿη½‘ηΊ’ι«˜θ·Ÿιž‹ε₯³ζŠ–ιŸ³γ€‘

This has been in my saved items list forever lol!! But I’ve never got around to buying it. Apparently 25k people have though, looking at the listing. And the reviews are good πŸ˜‚

Gucci Princetown - if you are like me (I trash my shoes really easily + I have flat feet so NOTHING IS COMFORTABLE ))): ) and cant ever justify spending upwards of $800 for a pair of footwear... life has options for us all:

DMK!! $36.90! Hahahahah.
Steal price. And these are better quality than the shoes off taobao.

Even gives you extra gold detailing ok.

But seriously DMK is a great store for generally value for money shoes, and trendy designs.

Ok I think I’m very long winded today but maybe that’s just the effect of not posting in awhile haahah!!!

Can’t wait to knock off - TIME TO GO BUY INGREDIENTS TO COOK MY CHICKEN PASTA. please help me pray that my kitchen will survive cause this girl ain’t no chef lol. Have a good evening everyoneeeeee

Day 10

Thursday, 10 Jan 2019

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whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco I am Team 1! Haha! And I like that highlighter too!

1 month ago

ellenxxxo (avatar)

ellenxxxo What about Caviar + LGHW!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

1 month ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar I’m team 1 definitely

1 month ago

FlyMeToPolaris (avatar)

FlyMeToPolaris Team 3!

1 month ago

funnylittlething (avatar)

funnylittlething Team 4!!

1 month ago

blk407 (avatar)

blk407 Team 5. Depending on mood.

1 month ago

uniecel (avatar)

uniecel Team 3!

1 month ago

lavenderstory (avatar)

lavenderstory I'm in team 2 hahaha. Love gold but can't carry it off sadly. 😸

1 month ago

lilosho (avatar)

lilosho Also in a dilemma between Gabrielle and classic flap! But I think I’ll go for a
Mini classic flap if I have the chance to find one and if I have enough savings!

1 month ago

wanderwithcher (avatar)

wanderwithcher @whitechoco @saltvinegar team 1!!!! i think your choices are beautifully reflected in your collections 😍

1 month ago

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