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January 2018

transfer Dayre entries

After the buy sticker to save Dayre campaign by the admin, I'm concerned that Dayre will not actually survive beyond April. I don't want to lose my posts - dayred since August 2015. As busy and lazy as I am, I've decided to find some way to keep my Dayre posts. Saving it as PDF didn't work for me. Texts and photos got jumbled up. That's done in Firefox and a Mac.Next I tried WordPress. Got a free account. Open Dayre on Firefox. Copy and paste the post into WordPress works!

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spouse vs parent

Almost there. We have 3 more days before handing over the apartment (which is next Wednesday). Sent out another 2 boxes of stuff today.In total Basilio and I have 9 boxes (54L box) of stuff. We will each take with us 140L "essential" stuff like documents and work stuff in suitcases when we fly out to Taiwan next week. Still a long way to go compared to the minimalist who has only 55 items but we've reduced our stuff by 40% since the last time we moved here from Germany!

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bad/perfect day

The forms keep coming. One after another. *pull hair out*I've never had to fill out so many forms BEFORE I even start a job!What's up with that, Taiwan? You want your island to be bogged down by bureaucracy huh?Plus these forms are in traditional Chinese. Sometimes I have to read them several times just to be sure I don't misunderstand. To be fair though it was the same at my former workplace - forms in German only!

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visa woes

Some days ago we saw this impressive model ship.Basilio: Wow I didn't know that Maersk is from Copenhagen.Me: Really? The last time we were here I said the same thing and we talked about it for some minutes.Basilio: Honey, like all the husbands in the world I sometimes tune out when the wife starts talking...🀣P.S. He was just joking πŸ˜‰ He doesn't think that all husbands do that. Hmm I don't know - I sometimes do that myself too so... πŸ˜†

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rural kids | expat life

😦This poor boy had to walk 4.5km (an hour) to attend school. On the day this picture was taken by his teacher, it was -9degC out there hence his frozen hair and swollen red cheeks. His jacket was too thin for -9degC. I have been in colder place but never long enough that my hair would freeze...I told Basilio about the boy...Basilio: In Chile the government gives donkeys to poor rural families as means of transportation. It's cheaper than building roads. 😦

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