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November 2017

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thankful | equality?

Back in Bergen. Finally had some time to unwind after the crazy few days in Germany. I saw the announcement of the award on the website of the Ministry. Seeing my name there - wow. Make no mistake. It is no Nobel prize. I merely came out on top of a pool of young scientists working in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg, the home of a dozen of arguably world-class institutions.

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I did it!

I won! 1.5hr after my presentation, when I was buying train ticket to Berlin, they called. Well, I missed the first two because I didn't hear the phone ring while walking to the train station. Why don't they just write me an email. Why must they do it ala Nobel Prize. 😁I was smiling the whole night. I wasn't so sure if I did well. Kept replaying it in my head and telling Basilio that I could/should have answered this and that.

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Back in Germany. I will feel so much better after tomorrow's talk. Even if I make a fool of myself. Or not. 😁 Knowing how nervous I'll be with so much at stake (20k Euro! and a pretty end to my Europe stint) I drag Basilio here with me. 😢Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we will return to that awesome Chilean restaurant in Berlin. Celebrating if I'm lucky. Drowning my disappointment in Chilean wine and food if I fail.I just have to get through today.

drinks | fish&pond | platypus

Basilio was texting his mom. Me: Do you miss home?Basilio: No, not really. I don't think about it.Me: Why not? Basilio: Being with you keeps me busy and happy.

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I find this a little odd (maybe because I'm greedy and know nothing about philosophy πŸ˜‚ ) ... hmm do most people believe in only one meaning of life?!I believe in a bit of Platonism, Aristotelianism, Hedonism, Cynicism, Humanism and Pragmatism. Basilio is definitely for Absurdism and Logical Positivism. 😁

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Me: Why are you watching MTV?Basilio: Just to see how old and lame I am now.***Speaking of MTV...I was never into it even when I was a teenager.😁I was kinda an oddball but it didn't bother me because I had my family and one or two close friends. I liked watching National Geographic; my favourite was volcanoes. Loved sports; playing and watching. I loved reading about and drawing different kind of big cats; jaguar, cheetah, bobcat, lynx.Never liked dresses, makeup or jewellery.

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