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I'm really training myself to not be so cranky when I get busy and stressed out, especially handling the Kao Peh Corner group on whatsapp 😂

I created the group as SW has left the company and has no access to our usual Google Hangout. The members are still the same, J, JL, SW and SH. It's a group chat for us to complain about those people we dislike in office hahaha!

And today, I complained something about N and said something like "heng I smart and taichi to her"

Then the boys came and said "oh so now u admit you're in their membership already lah?" (I hate it when they say that cos them here means the 2 most hated colleagues in our team who apparently are lunch buddies and pro at taichi their work)

I know they come as a joke but today I got cranky and so sensitive due to endless checking for the piles of invoices, I just said "I'm member to no one"

Then SW replied "oh if like that, you can leave this group liao"

I immediately feel sad lah reading this. I tried to compose myself and reminded myself that it's just a joke. Of course just a joke. But then I replied "waaaa okay lor, then tonight not joining liao" (bcos tonight we planned to go Tanuki Raw and karaoke).

J then said "don't sad lah.. so sensitive meh.. tonight drown all your sorrows!!!" (I take these encouraging words seriously bcos he knows I've been emo and exhausted with work.

Then I retaliated and said "Hahaha if I sensitive, I jitao leave the group liao loh. Add N first then leave hahaha!!" (My attempt to take these all as a joke)

Then both J and JL's reaction just made me laughed out loud 😂😂

JL gave me the sian face and middle finger.

J just looked at me and said "GAN!! I say you don't dare!"

Anyway us being rude to one another is a norm lol I swear with them a lot. I'm half boy to them hahahaha!

Day 97

Friday, 7 Apr 2017

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