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updated 1 year ago

With the news about Dayre shutting down, my updates have become very minimal for the past few months.

I was swarmed with work that I barely had the time to update here. I am also controlling what to share and what to not share so 😶 Also because I’ve noticed my last few posts have been always about me ranting about work, co workers, life lol so negative! I hate to hear negativity so I was also disgusted with my own negativity. Like, can you stahp ✋🙄

Yet I feel like in Dayre, I could say whatever I wanted to say out there.

It’s a public space but it’s still quite private because very little of people I know are using Dayre. Can be counted with 2 hands. So little enough that I feel it’s okay to rant hahahaha I might be wrong but oh well.


Life have been rolling like a roller coaster.

Weeks before CNY, I was super looking forward to a good long break from my colleagues cos even those I hang out with, pissed the shit outta me with all the hurtful jokes. Hurtful because I took the jokes personally while they were merely just...joking.

Now, day 3 of back to work and I can’t wait for the weekend already. I’m exhausted from work. I’m exhausted from feeling angry cos my colleagues didn’t help clearing my work when I was away.

I wanted to rant again but ugh again, negativity?

But yes. In a summary, I came back to work with piles of documents on my desk. About 40-50 invoices, only chopped with dates. None was recorded into the system and I spent like more than half a day to clear them.

Another pile of documents were waiting for me to key the payments as the payments only reflected in the statements when that colleague went on leave fml.

Another pile of documents were waiting for me to check and pray that nothing is wrong with them cos problems mean longer time taken

I could use some flower bath to calm myself down.

Ahh Dayre’s cute stickers. I’ll miss them!! I signed up as Dayre+ member months ago to support the Dayre community and also so I could have access to ALL stickers. But I rarely use them though, what a waste!

Day 53

Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

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piperpig (avatar)

piperpig Hey I’d like to get the bottle but no telegram.. how do I contact u?

6 months ago

wanderchu (avatar)

wanderchu @piperpig hi! Share me ur email, I’ll email u 😊

6 months ago

wanderchu (avatar)

wanderchu @piperpig I email u later ok! Quite swarmed with work now :D

6 months ago

wanderchu (avatar)

wanderchu @piperpig I emailed u! Do u still want the bottle??

6 months ago

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