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When you tried your best but you don't succeed...

...this is legit what I'm feeling right now after receiving ungrateful email from company A in India.

Apparently this representative A from them has been chasing me for payments since last month and I was told that this person is super duper annoying. I only started to liaise with her from March onwards so yeah, everything is still new to me.

So company A is our intercompany supplier and my job is to pay money and being chased for payments lol fml.

But then as it's a trade transaction thingy, I can only make payment when our client has paid our invoices.

So with company A, we've been owing them quite a lot of money due to clients not paying us on time FOL and it's been a chasing game among us.

A week or two ago, Rep A has been emailing me to chase for payments and I finally processed it and I decided to send her our remittance advice bcos it's for tons of invoices. I'm not sure if SW has done this before or not.

Out of goodwill, I decided to send them the RA. But, half an hour later, Rep A replied and said "Thanks a lot for the advices and all the support extended by you in clearing our payment. Hope to get the same support in clearing the balances as soon as possible."

Whoa whoa girlfriend, hold on there. I already told you yesterday or two days ago that payment is delayed due to clients not paying us yet. Which part of that did you not understand?

Day 110

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017

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