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11.43 am

About 3 hours since I reached office and patting myself on the shoulder for checking off some of my to-do list.

Both J and JL has left the office 😭 they've been quite entertaining laah but I kept on telling them to shut up lol 😂 because they would always talk nonsense to annoy me.

J: *calls my name*
Me: hmm yes?
J: I want to pangsai 💩
Me: tsk!!

Before leaving, both of them asked me to not stay too long in the office :') J specifically asked me to leave at 12 pm lol but hor I haven't done my work so I don't think so broooo.

5.44 pm

Finally on the Grabcar to go home. Damn exhausted from work 😞

I totally didn't listen to what J and JL's words to leave office early hahaha 😛 too engrossed with work and feeling somewhat accomplished to have finished some work.

My initial plan was to leave after having my late lunch. I got super hungry at 1 plus so I ordered Foodpanda. The delivery took almost an hour bcos the driver reached wrong place 🙄

By the time I got to eat, it's already 2 pm plus. Duh.

Burned the whole Labour Day holiday in office, doing work. I'm not complaining cos it's legit my own fault for not being efficient enough and managing my time well enough lah. I have so many backlogged work omg.

Did some filing today also! *mission accomplished*

Day 121

Monday, 1 May 2017

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