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updated 2 years ago

Was so busy at work and tried to focus by putting on my earpiece until this J came to me at 6 pm plus. He actually already walked pass me but he u-turn and stopped beside me, wanted to whisper something. And when I took out my earpiece to really listen to what he wanted to say, he then whispered...

Enjoy your OT!

9 pm...

He saw me replying an email (I cc him in the email haha!), then he whatsapped in our KP Corner group chat, asking why I'm still at work. Told him I would be OT-ing since lunch time whaaat 😞

I was whining to JL that I was hungry at about 4 pm plus.

I went to Toa Payoh with the boys (J, JL and TW) for lunch as JL needed to run errands there. We went to kopitiam for lunch and I was already aiming for the bak chor mee since we got there. Not sure why cos I am never a fan of BCM but I eventually went with it. For $3.50, the portion is average, not too generous with the meats also. I passed the pig liver to TW cos I don't eat that. I was left with 2 meatballs and some bak chor.

And so, that's why I got hungry by 4 pm. I just randomly told JL "JL, I'm hungrrryyyyy" 😂 anyway, it's normal for us to annoy each other like this cos he sits opposite me and we're just rude with each other, all day everyday. Sometimes J will also chup despite him sitting like about 2 tables away from us hahaha!

Just now, J also chup in. He heard me kept on complaining I was hungry so he came with a banana and said "nah nah eat banana laa, keep on complaining hungry!!"

He actually put it beside the banana I took from our pantry this morning. I kept the banana for tomorrow btw.

I then told him "I have liaooo" when he walked away to dunno where.

About 15-20 minutes later, he came back and saw me not touching the banana, he kaopeh again.

"Keep on complaining hungry but don't want to eat the banana when I gave you!!"

😂😂 zuo mo ni jiang lo so de

Day 117

Thursday, 27 Apr 2017

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yingniy (avatar)

yingniy Hahaha!!! He is so cheeky!

2 years ago

wanderchu (avatar)

wanderchu @yingniy hahaha yessss he is! 😅

2 years ago

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