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fluttering 😳

Oh wow. Yesterday marks the 2 years anniversary of me joining my current company!

I still remember when I joined, J was the one who approached me first and said "have you met our boss? No? Come, I bring you to meet him"

And it turned out that I have met the boss hahaha! And he told me to not worry, the people here were nice. No seniority.

Ahh that good impression lasts eh!

And look how far I've come. I'm quite close with him now. We're office buddy.

And I'm quite comfortable to be around him. Everytime I see him, I won't be able to hold the poker face for too long haha!

And I hate to read too much into things but he starts to make me feel too much again. Just 2 things happened the past 2 days that I kinda feel...special.

First, he posted some of our bintan trip (which happened 2 weeks ago, we went with JL, JL's wife & SH) last night. He tagged me in 7 photos and 1 of them is photo of me, alone, on the car we rode for ATV.

I'm quite sure our individual photos are in his phone but I'm not sure why he only posted mine though. Argh that made me feel special. Like, out of the 7 photos, it's the only photo of me alone. Why didn't he post those solo photos of the rest also?? The other 6 photos are our group photos with everyone in it.

Then secondly...

This happened today. He went for late lunch due to work and he bought McDonald's.

I went lunch with a temp staff who sits beside him and we came back early.

And at about 2.12 pm he chatted me on our Google Hangout to ask if I wanted anything from McDonald's. Recently we rarely chat individually because we have group chat with JL and SH so we basically talked there most of the time, be it the topic that they understand or only two of us understand.

And the universe just decided to joke with me lah because I didn't see his chat until like 40 minutes later 😓

It's because this morning I changed my email's password after being reminded to change since 10 days ago and it'll expire in 2 more days. So I changed my password.

And I forgot to update the password on my Hangout app in my phone. So no notification received!

Then I also closed the page in my Chrome. I forgot why cos I usually leave it opened everyday wtf.

So I legit didn't see his chat and that's why didn't reply on time 😭 why like that?!

For some moment, I was like, huh, why my gchat so quiet...😅

Anyways, I just replied him paiseh cos I just saw the chat hahaha. Anyway why his chat made me flutter...

It's because he personally chatted me loh 😭 I didn't expect this at all because he could just chat in the group chat but he didn't! Why personally leh? Why?? Especially when we already talked so often in the group chat, it's just out of the norm to chat personally lah.

I cannot help but to think about him a lot and I'll start falling for him again 😳😳 how to stop??

Also, oddly, when it's about 5 plus, he suddenly came to beside me and just said hi 😳 I was busy so I didn't entertain him. I was rude also. I asked him like "yeah? Why u here?"

Him: "wah I'm here to say hi lah, cannot meh?" Then he walked back to his desk to settle some work urgently 😭 I regret what I said to him!!

I immediately replied "ohh hiii!" But he didn't reply me liao 😢

Day 237

Friday, 25 Aug 2017

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