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Fraud Uber Transactions

I just saw unauthorized transactions on my card and all of them are from UBER WTF

Idk what else to tag, but I wish to bring more awareness now that it’s so easy to happen especially in this technology era

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I was just transferring money to my cousin and went to check my transaction details to only find out about $750++ of my money is being used for Uber.

It’s very suspicious cos I’m based in Singapore but the transactions are in USD and GBP wtf. There’s even a transaction worth GBP120++ omg wtf.

I tried to calm myself down and called the bank. Thank God for 24 hours hotline. Thank God for Google cos I found the bank’s contact number in 1 second. I can’t find it on the ibanking website lol

Nice customer service apologised for my unfortunate event. He saw the transactions and told me that the bank would credit bank the amounts so I can use the money. GAM XIA VERY MUCH, whoever you are on the line, ti kong po pi 🙏🏻

And he said the bank would investigate on this fraud. I was still not that satisfied lah but he’s done his part. I’ll just need to wait for investigation outcome.

I immediately told my mom and she asked me to not leave too much money in that account.

I’m thankful to have her advice and also thankful that I have other bank account right now. I left like $93 in that account cos I’ve lost trust on my account. Deleted any accounts that have my card linked as well. I’ll stop doing online shopping for some time. This is damn scary!

Oh and I’ll also stop using public wifi as for now cos they’re all unsecured connections and datas can be stolen as easy as 1, 2, 3. I’ve been pretty ignorant about those fraud warnings & I think I learn my lesson now.

As of now I’ll just...

Check on my transactions DAILY

It’s extreme to do so but it’s really just for precaution sake cos those fraudulent transactions were done from 15th to 18th November. It’s still very fresh. I was not in Singapore over the weekend so I didn’t check my ibanking. Heck, I don’t even check my transactions often. Sometimes it can go until 2 weeks plus.

Sigh, whoever did this fraud thingy, karma will find you for sure. I believe in that. Ren zai zuo, tian zai kan 人在做 天在看

Day 325

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017

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